Smoke Out Sessions with NIN

A NIGHT OUT WITH TRENDY! (cuz i never leave the house ;)) Part 2
March 6, 2015
♪ Scooter Vlog ♫ Scooter Vlog ♪
March 6, 2015

Soundrone Smokes out tu “Terrible Lie” by Nine Inch Nails Soundrone Soundrone’s Premium Organic Hemp Wick Bee Lasso is now on AMAZON or at Boro Warehouse …


  1. richard moldovan says:

    Do French inhale by Wiz Khalifa and Snoop Dogg that would be dope

  2. hustlin5010 says:

    Terrible lie is what my girl says when I come home smelling like strippers,
    sour diesel, and sweat 

  3. Cody Sewell says:

    Let’s hear some tiny Tim hahaha jk

  4. SpaztallicA says:

    Smoke out with sabbath!!!

  5. -Epileptic Stoner Community- says:

    Hey thanks for making a sess post man. Appreciated having someone to
    medicate with an nice music choice.

  6. Sven Reinke says:

    AC/DC – Hells Bells

  7. David Stone says:

    Anything from Nazareth would be cool….Did I finally get a peek at your
    metal detector in the top left corner?

  8. stregester2 says:

    Kid cudi– Dr Pill !!

  9. 4130Filmzz says:


  10. oceanxflow says:

    role us a joint by kottenmouthkings

  11. Nevada Tergesen says:

    Hey sound, will you play light it up, or anything really by the Kottonmouth
    kings its a long but chill song to smoke to haha

  12. Matthew R says:

    Kansas – Carry On My Wayward Son

  13. The10KRANZ says:

    Look forward to a sesh w/ Pink Floyd… just sayin……

  14. Sound Experiments says:
  15. Sim Doll says:

    Smoke out sessions with lad zeppelin stairway to heaven ?

  16. Brin Bart says:

    Oingo boingo

  17. dan brady says:

    Have you done a session with FIDLAR yet?

  18. Nexus Gaming says:


  19. mic foley says:

    love the pretty hate machine great pick sound terrible lie 

  20. CustomGrow420 says:

    Love this vid!

  21. Eric Maulson says:

    smoke out with system of a down possible sound? we all need to fuck the

  22. MrTimmaster says:

    id love to here mouth full of cavities by blind melon.