River Trail Scooter Vlog

THC Episode 12 -Outdoor Smoke Sesh-
March 20, 2015
March 20, 2015

Ants in his ass thorns in his hands the things soundrone will do to get a good vlog !! Soundrone’s Premium Organic Hemp Wick Bee Lasso is now on AMAZON or at Boro…


  1. Jon Lamploo says:

    Dunno if you said it, but what kind of scooter do you have?

    Why do pirates take so long to learn the Alphabet?

    They spend years at C!

  2. Unbekannter Affe says:

    #sounddronegiveaway have right now an not-so-nice epididymitis. still
    watchin ya videos with ice on my balls and a nice magic glass bong, armed
    and loaded. greets from krautland! hail scooter!

  3. First Last says:

    Gotta keep an eye out for those Aunt and Uncle hills bro!

    Have you had crispy M&M’s? Recommendendended for sure 

  4. Stoner Budiez says:

    Scooter vlogs are the shit! always enjoying the outdoors, check out some of
    our adventures sometimes! Peace and One Love

  5. Mewtwo420 says:

    Loving these scooter vlogs dude. keep em comin man your hilarious!!

  6. davidaatc says:

    “Random stoner has landing..or took off…i don’t remember anything..i
    swear! High adjustment successfully adjusted!

  7. POOpStiNkPiE says:

    FUCK! Ive never used a hash tag in my life. #SoundroneGiveaway

    Forget Klondike bars. What would I doOoO. For a wizard puff? Just about
    anything. Haha

  8. sckloste says:

    Dude have you ever thought… Oh, I forgot. I’ll let you know if I
    remember. #sounddronregiveaway

  9. Adrian Na says:


    I used to have virgin mobile but i switched because i wasnt getting any

  10. Sean Vines says:

    So this new kid comes to class today who happens to be a double amputee. We
    got partnered up and come to find out he smokes weed. I’m like “sick bro,
    let’s kick it sometime” & he says “I would if I could” and looks down. I’m
    a dick. #soundronegiveaway

  11. dustin king says:

    #SoundroneGiveaway #SoundBongHousePants

  12. Bobby Brewster says:

    Maybe there was son generators around or something.. yea sound no RF this
    time!!!.. even if there was I still would have watched it.. ohhh and
    subnautica is badass I got it the other day

  13. John Shearouse says:

    #soundronegiveaway the man who smokes that stuff with the funny smell to it

  14. Bryan Spahr says:

    6:13-“i might be a little stoned” hahahhaha #SoundroneGiveaway

  15. Libby Hornyak says:


    Q: What do you call a potato that smokes weed?
    A: A baked potato

  16. gerrard hermansen says:

    #Sounddronegiveaway why do squirrels swim on there back? To keep there nuts

  17. Luke Triplett says:

    WOO Again Soundrone You Are The Man I Can Always Get My Daily Dose Of
    Laughter From You 😀 Also Thought Id Share This With You I Just Realized
    That My Sink Is Full Of Dishes Because I Wash My Glass Pieces Instead XD
    Keep It Going Sound You Rock Stay Lifted My Friend!. #WHONEEDSDISHES

  18. Mary Reitz says:

    #soundronegiveaway Dang it, dang it, gotta get a rope to hang it…..high
    from the tallest bong…soundrone won’t you wait for me!

  19. Macrae Culley says:

    Smoke some hash out of a Tag bong and that’s totally (Hash+Tag) = 7
    dude illuminati. ….

  20. AUDiLETHEOLOGY says:

    im high, we all high didnt see the vid yet but #soundronegiveaway

  21. Billybob Yarmas says:

    is a vape high different from a joint high?

  22. Squishy Beetle says:


    Yo man you prolly screwed all them ants up getting em high on that Cali
    bud. Hahah imagine ants puffin on tiny blunts 

  23. Bradley-jack Marsh says:

    #sounddronegiveaway. Here’s to the guy who looked at weed and was like.
    “Hey I wonder is we can smoke this shit”

  24. khris j says:

    hahha soon as you said that guy goes by on a bike

  25. Ty Wilkins says:

    Hey sound i own a smoke shop here in Atlanta,GA i just got in the PAX 2
    which are fucking awesome, would you mind if i sent one your way to review
    and maybe throw some free advertisement “shoutout” my way perhaps? Stay
    smoky sound! PEACE DA FUCK OUT!!! #soundronegiveaway 

  26. Billybob Yarmas says:

    How do you know you are a true stoner?When your bong gets washed more than
    your dishes!


  27. Johnny Woodstock says:

    When are you going to post more subnautica videos? I really liked the
    previous ones. Keep it going!!!

  28. jordan7455 says:


    Hey man I like ur go pro videos but if u just a had normal like digital
    camera it would probably be better.

    I have a nice digital camera, it’s 10 megapixels, it uses battery but it
    will do job and maybe better than the go pro…… I also have a small
    tripod for it and the legs bend so u could bend it on to than handlebars of
    ur scooter! 🙂

    – Maybe we could do a trade lol, still huge fan love ur content take care

  29. Hank says:

    Good thing you weren’t wearing house pants sound. Ants are a bitch to get
    out of house pants…..dont ask how I know…. Chooch it sound.

  30. William Warren says:

    You have ants in your pants!

  31. Clayton Trexler says:

    #soundronegiveaway. everyone is doing jokes so why not me as well. so how
    do you get a crackhead out of a tree? throw a rock at him 

  32. lance1283 says:


  33. JohnVasNO says:

    You know why people who smoke alot are called stoners? Well heres a little
    story, the term stoner comes from the prehistoric age. Neanderthals use to
    get bored and would take rocks and take turns hitting eachother over the
    head (not to hard,not to soft) with just enough force to cause slight
    euphoria and a minor concussion. You may be thinking “this is some
    bullshit” but heres the science behind it when you would get hit with a
    rock your brain releases endorphins and adrenaline through the sephoral
    glands in your head and therefore reacting with the irolophnia and creating
    a mild high. After time they would do this over and over again (everyday if
    you were a “stoner”), well heres the problem they would eventually become
    useless to their society and go into somewhat of a vegtable state.So thats
    where the social stigma comes in play because when they discovered
    marijuana they smoked it all day everday (they of course said it was to
    practice their newly discovered fire making skill) and society thought of
    them in the same way they used to think of the stoners,useless. So society
    decided to just call the people who smoked all day everyday stoners. The
    social stigma is still around today and us stoners need to show that we
    arent useless! ….Right after we smoke this bowl…..
    P.S. this was all bullshit, (probaly some made up words thrown in there

  34. kelley davis says:

    Ants. It’s Spring. It get’s buggy in spring. I have had to smoke pot threw
    a bugnet before on a Spring time camping trip xD

  35. Andrew Weathers says:

    I really love the scooter vlogs man don’t quit making them!

  36. Noah Prime says:


  37. Anthony Lara says:

    Hey man lovin the scooter vlogs lol but yea ummm i got nuttin funny to say
    i can only do that when im off my ass high af but sense u said any of ur
    vids ima post the hashtag on everyone almost everyone lol 

  38. Bella Luna says:

    Hey, I’m a random person! #Soundronegiveaway

    A man and a giraffe walk into a bar together, they order their drinks and
    down them one after another.
    After a while, they both get wasted. The giraffe passes out and falls on
    the floor,
    The man starts to head out the door as the bartender “‘You can’t leave that
    lying there!”
    The man replies “That’s not a lion, its a giraffe!” and walks out.

    Q: Why is the roach clip called a roach clip?
    A: Because pot holder was taken

    Q: What is the difference between a drunk and a stoner at a stop sign?
    A: The drunk guy runs it and the stoner waits for it to turn green!

  39. Alan Luko Hernández says:

    What do you prefer, smoking in bong or vaporizer? what is the diference in
    the smoke?

  40. Matthew R says:

    #Soundronegiveaway How many Stoners does it take to change a light bulb?

    Screw it, we got lighters.

  41. snack pack says:

    #SoundDroneGiveAway #ScooterVlog. This reminded me of what I do while I’m
    at work…I work for the park district. I always scare people who are token
    up when I drive up in my park truck. Haha. Love the outdoors and the
    scooter vlogs!

  42. Matt Piasecki says:


    The Pot Paradox: An empty bowl needs to be filled, a full bowl needs to be

  43. Vansterdam Dreddy says:

    Great video man..cheers!

  44. Symphony says:

    #soundronegiveaway This is my all time favorite story. It’s a bit
    paraphrased to keep the comment short:
    A DEA officer comes to a farmer, and tells him he needs to investigate his
    fields for illegal drugs. The farmer responds “Sure, just don’t go into
    that field over there…” The DEA officer exploded saying “Mister, I have
    the authority of the Federal Government with me!” Reaching into his rear
    pants pocket, the arrogant officer removed his badge and proudly displayed
    it to the rancher. “See this fucking badge?! This badge means I am allowed
    to go wherever I wish…. On any land !!” and so the farmer apologizes, and
    the officer leaves to investigate. Soon after the farmer hears some noise
    outside, and comes out to see the officer being chased by an angry bull,
    and the bull is gaining on him. The farmer drops everything and runs out,
    yelling at the top of his lungs “Your badge, show him your fucking BADGE!”

    Credit to r/trees

  45. Johnny Woodstock says:


    Ok so my girlfriend said this one after successfully administering

    “Do you know what LSD stands for???
    Lord of the rings”

  46. Anthony Ford says:

    I would do anything for that.
    This story shall be funny and rather intriguing.
    Hua hua hua (rich guy laugh)
    This one time when my friend and I were driving down the road, we were
    smoking a joint.
    We got pulled over for one of my brake lights being out.
    I just sat the joint in the ashtray and waited for the cop to come up to my
    So he gets up to the car and as soon as I rolled down the window, the
    officer goes “Phew, you’re smoking some smelly ass weed”
    And then he saw the joint in the ashtray, he said “Mind if I hit that?”
    So of course I let him.
    It was literally the funniest thing that has ever happened to me and he
    just let us off with a warning.
    So there is my amazing story and I hope you consider my comment :)

  47. John Waline says:

    #soundronegiveaway you rule sound if i win this giveaway i will literally
    drown myself in biscoff cookie spread!!!

  48. jacob manack says:

    ”Maybe there gonna have sex in the park?” lmfao great video thanks for
    the laughs 

  49. Jebidya willson says:

    weighing the odds. ants in your pants, sun glare, or smoke a bowl lol

  50. Cynthia Williams says:

    #soundronegiveaway in the vines, in the vines….were the sun always
    shines….and there are NO ants in yer paaaaaants…