RF Ruins Another Vlog ….

Webisode 1: Rick Tripping Balls
March 5, 2015
♪ Scooter Vlog ♫ Scooter Vlog ♪
March 5, 2015

THE DANG MICROPHONE I have an external mic plugged into the gopro i am 99% sure this is what is causing the interference issue . SDAGames The Vlog Life …


  1. highguyZOG says:

    Sweet video man. I’m gunna go find a place outside to hit the bong. PTFO

  2. Sound Experiments says:
  3. xXxAnn1h1l4t0rxXx says:

    hey sound can you put moroccan hash in the flowermate? dont wanna put it in
    then ruin it…

  4. Luke Triplett says:

    SOUNDRONE ROCKS! Still loved the vlog even with the rf noise 

  5. Jose Lombera says:


  6. laplantski says:

    It’s probally from the intercom system at the coffee place

  7. Billybob Yarmas says:

    sound i have a great summer bong build for you:

    get the cvs brand spray bottle, its a triangle shape.
    cut a hole in the small side put a stem and bowl in.
    for the mouth piece i feel like you cam just keep the spray nozzle on and
    squirt the smoke out.
    lemme know if your put this on the bong build channel, hope you will 🙂 

  8. Edge IsABoss says:

    you sir are a boss.

  9. ComputerUser132 says:

    damn sound im stupid jealous of that weather your having, not a cloud in
    the god damn sky. i got like 6+ft of snow on the ground right now, keep it
    stoney bro

  10. lance1283 says:

    Try moving your camera away from your skoot, Sound!

  11. Stephen Gambit says:

    The camera or you really quite can barely hear anything 

  12. -Epileptic Stoner Community- says:

    Hey man, just got home so time for me to medicate. Hope to see ya posting a
    smoke session soon. (office smoke sess lol) ^^ Cheers

  13. Ty Wilkins says:

    Sound, loved the blog as usual even with the interference, and I bet it’s
    coming from the headsets at the drive thru of that coffee place!!

  14. Rose Norman says:

    love the scooter vlogs!