Outdoor Update: Pre Flowering and Watering


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Outdoor Update: Pre Flowering and WateringGrow420Guide and this video are for information purposes only, and intended for medical marijuana patients who live in a city, state or country where cultivating cannabis is legal. All information and content on this video is in compliance with the compassionate use act of 1996, and California’s proposition 215. Online cannabis community!!! Konichiwa! Today’s video is an update of the 4 clones that were taken from my last indoor grow during lollipoping. They took about a month to root in a clone

48 comments on “Outdoor Update: Pre Flowering and Watering

  1. TheLegalweedman on

    looking good as always brother hey can i get a shoutout in your next vid dont know if you saw the show yet but im trying to get more viewers

  2. doctorthc420 on

    you practically answered that your self lol you need to up size your pot every now n then to allow room for your roots to grow. if you dont then you will just stump the growth of the plant. for the air thing all you need to make sure is that there is sufficient drainage to allow excess water to drain from the bottom of the pot which can easy be sucked back up by the plant if she/he needs it. you dont want to drown it !!

  3. John Does on

    dudes worried about his neighbor but yet he out in the backyard making movies and taliking about his small plants….. The pots are too small and plants look rather skimpy… You have to water every day because of the small pots I can go 3 days without watering when they are in the ground

  4. DarkCanuk506 on

    Praying Manti are territorial so they’ll kill other Manti in the same area (focus goes from protecting your plants to protecting its territory).
    Lady bugs (or lady beetles) are much more effective to have around. There are also some mites that are natural pest controls and more cost effective. Just thought I’d share.

  5. Jefferson Weed on

    i own a junkyard, and have four retarded children. with a bitch ass neighbor who always givin me some shit. but i could still spell analingus 69 when im searchin porn for jack off sessions. really mr. cracker?

  6. norberto5731 on

    If I were you I would feed them some silica blast it helps with extreme weather conditions such as heat,I live in the sunshine state were it’s always 80 plus & lately we’ve been having weather in the 90’s plus sometimes 100’s,& the silica I added to my plants is helping them thrive nicely just a thought but it’ll help,peace…

  7. stableboy420 on

    Since you asked, the way to go is direct sunlight, with more watering. I don’t think it is too late to transplant, they would highly benefit from a much larger pot. 3 gallons are ok for a sea of green closet set up or something, but outdoors they need larger pots. I would get some 10 gallon smart pots or something like that. For real, transplant. Peace.

  8. cplshifty on

    Does pot size matter a lot? If i have a small pot will the plant keep growing or stay that size after a while because the roots can’t grow? or will the buds it grows not be as strong? and do u do anything to allow air to get into the roots?

  9. dyerbuddy551 on

    I think your doing fine only thing is out side you don’t have as much light as you can give it indoors so id rotate in and out of the sun so you can harvest bigger buds cause more light more bud growth. My opinion nice plants

  10. TheGarageStoner on

    This fucking Heat is crazy !! Im in norcal though its been 106 !! Did a shout out on my video lol

  11. Grow420Guide on

    Thank you everyone for the helpful information. I will be doing what I can to correct some issues and be posting the progress along the way. Peace&Pot

  12. Compn1 on

    your plants look really small for outdoor. you need bigger pots, if the sun dries the soil too much, put water reservoirs under the pots. dont worry, excess water will evaporate in that temp quickly! the water is running out of your pots reallllly fast too. did you add coco or anything to keep the moisture of the dirt higher?

    well, try just one plant in full sun. to see if it can take it.

  13. EastSideBlunts on

    Shade was the downfall of my plants this year, I would definitely say direct sunlight is the way to go! Also I was worried you weren’t coming back for a while o: but I can truly say I enjoy packing a bowl and watching a grow420guide video haha

  14. Grow420Guide on

    As much as I wish I could have huge 8 foot bushes, I do have neighbors and rather them not know. lol

  15. indoorharvestgardens on

    i for some reason get larger growth on one side of the top as well. certain strains i guess ;)-

  16. skimaskready on

    Cannabis plants do not require direct sunlight. The canopy you have is a really good idea. I think you are set maine, just maintain and watch the magic.

  17. jorgeizDShiznit on

    Question man. Im growing an outdoor plants. Its actually gotten pretty big but the heat is just killing it. I live in a valley and it gets about 100° daily. Whats something i can do to help prevent from the leaves from turning yellow and falling off? I moved it under another tree but its still the same deal. Ill post a video later today

  18. iTechniiquee on

    Just posted a video of my reggie plant in super HD instead of crappy quality like everyone else has, go check it out and let me know what you think 🙂 Appreciate it.

  19. Kushncrackers420 on

    look at mr jefferson haveing to prove he is allways correct.. nigga maybe i cant spell cuz i got kick out of school because i stabbed the lunch lady for not giving me a second milk. and thats a very dark memory .. is that what you wanted ? really mr jefferson…

  20. doctorthc420 on

    also never allow the roots to come into contact with light. dont uses clear plastic cups of pots. and always remember just because you cant see them, the roots are just as important as the stem, leaves and flowers. hope this helped abit 🙂 peace & pot

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