Outdoor Season: Quick Briefing, First Day of Spring & Tonsillitis

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March 21, 2015
March 21, 2015

Welcome Spring!!! ☆ Today’s video is a quick briefing of our outdoor crop. Even though I am sick, with it being the first day of spring I felt compelled to make a video! Spring is here lets…


  1. Nacho 2015 says:

    Can’t wait to see that…. I’m sure you’ll get a huge ass plant !!
    Get well OG !!! And thanks for putting in work with the vids even tho
    Your feeling sick
    Cheers !!!!

  2. Justin Brookes says:

    Lol I knew you sounded hella different

  3. Angie LupusLife says:

    hope you get well soon

  4. STONEY D7 says:

    Get well

  5. Fred for20 says:


  6. lmuganl says:

    Seriously can’t wait to see her fully grown at the end of the season!

  7. benson420710 says:

    I have a monster of a bush vegging under a 1k hps right now she’s in a 5gal
    smart pot that I transplanted her Into a week ago and I’m about to throw
    her into a 20 gal smart pot in a day or two ,growing in cocoa is hands down
    better than soil haha

  8. pimpin_assassin says:

    Can’t wait to see a giant bush like tree 

  9. Adem Erozan says:

    Hey bro, I’m from Australia and im planning to buy from crop kings… Is it
    safe to buy from Australia? 

  10. MILK MAN says:

    That well be kool. Please show you transplanting that bush in to that pot.
    Please ! lol ! MILKM@N(oYo)

  11. gmonsteratyate says:

    sup bro, just got 30 sensi seeds today, planted 7 in small pots, but im
    gonna try germination as you showed in another video with the water cup,
    wish me luck.

  12. ThesePlantsRule says:

    Spring is in the air!

    keep the overgrow going, I got your back up north,


  13. Kevin Smith says:

    You can kill the tonsilitis by eating raw honey , and using essential oils.
    No need for antibiotics

  14. Alex Garcia says:

    Niiiice broski

  15. maximus the cannabist says:

    she’s looking great og hope you get better dude gator aid and soft foods
    for the throat bro tea in the morning instead of coffee stay up dude.

  16. W.l. Jackson says:

    Nice keep it up weed nerd good luck!!!
    Looking forward in seeing how it turns out…

  17. socalhippie hashman says:

    nice plant man..cant wait to see how she come out after she is
    reveged..she’s gunna be a beast by october..keep up the great work
    man..growers respect..sch420

  18. Grow420Guide says:

    First!! 😀 Cheers OGs! Lets get those seeds planted!!