Outdoor Medical Marijuana 2012 Spring Crop California

How to rebuil an old garden: The Phoenix Story
July 13, 2012
July 14, 2012

Outdoor Medical Marijuana 2012 Spring Crop CaliforniaApril 20th a look at the outdoor crop, while your out smoke’n were working hard but that’s what’s up. girl scout cookies are rocking and rolling and almost reay to harvest in about 2 to 3 weeks! not bad for a spring crop huh?! started by putting veged clones outside roughly very end of march


  1. regularguy85 says:

    Nice work. Its hard to find some good girl scout cookie around where I live. The canibis club have it but not the real deal. Looking really nice. How big is those pot you have those in. like how many gallons?.

  2. Cannabal Lector says:

    thats a nice garden you have there!

  3. LTDanno360 says:

    @ 81 kush ; smartphones however good they are Will Never have the quality as a tru camcorder they just arnt built for that …i too am an android fan i have a Motorola Atrix it has Custom firmware on it and also does 1080p recording ; but Nothing like My sisters Digital camcorder … i have a video test on my page you can check out to see how well the atrix does record in 1080p….
    thanks ltdanno360

    Peace and pot Brotha..

  4. MegaPnutty says:

    super nice plants

  5. GuitarGuy2010 says:

    can I just live in your backyard?

  6. dabomb2000pacman says:

    Hows it going 81kush ! That is some good looking girls. I have an early crop . I have some sticky buds already too. Can’t wait to see your finish buds.

    How many pounds did you have after that big trim ?

    Email me we need to chat …

  7. kalifornia chronic says:

    looking awesome man! check out my grow if u got time

  8. bayspaulwall says:

    how were u able to get the cookies way out there? how u get the evan canopy

  9. LTDanno360 says:


  10. SuperDoctorgreen says:

    Now that is some Nice Looking Shit… Early Crop… and start OVER with some New Clones for Even a Bigger Crop….. Peace Out. . . . SDG

  11. regularguy85 says:

    How much medical marijuana did you get off of each pot? Can you give me a estimate?..

  12. 81Kush says:

    can anyone tell me why with my droid 3 hd 1080p i get a video that lookis like it was taken with a potato please if anyone can help me out lol on how to upload a better video than this fuk

  13. bozeangelos says:

    nice man check my garden if you got time peace

  14. xSTONEDxNINJAx says:

    That looked pretty sweet dude. Nice work!!

  15. 81Kush says:

    enought people do, its the ones i dont know about that suck lol!