Outdoor Growing: Massachusetts?

where can i find some marijuana growing naturally outside?
September 2, 2010
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September 2, 2010
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Pj D asked:

I live in Massachusetts and i am going to grow Marijuana this spring. It is the 27th of March currently, and I am planning on planting a good variety of seeds in a forest near my house. I have never done this before, so any advice experienced growers can give me is greatly appreciated. I was thinking of going up there soon and picking out a spot. The forest is very large and very secluded for the most part. There is also a small stream that runs through it that i may be able to use for water. I am probably going to end up with about 30-40 seeds and i am going to try and plant as many as i can depending on space. I am hoping that i can plant these seeds by mid-late April, take care of them as best i can, and then see some results in August/September. I have never grown Marijuana before and I am really excited to do it. The idea of being able to take care of it and grow it yourself seems very appealing to me. And i will be able to sell much of it to my friends as well.

Thanks in advance


  1. rgirg says:

    you want advice? don’t get caught. thats the best advice i can give you. most are caught because they make too many trips
    to visit the grow site. next leading cause of arrest is people can not keep their mouths shut. some go as far as to announce it to the whole world on the internet

  2. grannygrunt28391 says:

    Contact poly wog

  3. biff says:

    Sorry i cant help you, i just arrest people that grow it!!

  4. RScott says:

    I do give info to people who can grow it legally, but you mentioned your state in which it is not. Best I can do is. RScott