Outdoor Grow Op 2014 Ontario pt.5 (TheBigDirty)


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Outdoor Grow Op 2014 Ontario pt.5  (TheBigDirty)But yea.. this month has been really Crazy.. todays the first time in weeks it hit over 25 Degrees. There some Loud parts. im sorry i have such a Deep voice. Honestly the Camera aint that close…

5 comments on “Outdoor Grow Op 2014 Ontario pt.5 (TheBigDirty)

  1. Over Grow on

    Apparently i cant have Claimed Music. on my Video well i can. but it wont
    be Watchable on Cell phones.. Soo im taking it off and you will have to
    watch the Still images in Silence.. Mabe with a Cup of Coffee or something.

  2. rogueraiser on

    watched it all.. ya you have some shorties but thats how it goes how your
    plan your final transplant.. depending what month..depending on weather..
    depending on luck.
    Although plants will get rain here and there.. I always water plants so the
    soil at the bottom gets moisture, so the roots can expand. For sure.. post
    vids after your visits.

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