Outdoor Cannabis Grow Yoda OG & Haze Xtreme

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April 28, 2015
First Time Grow 562
April 28, 2015

Welcome to Season 5 CONT! ☆ In today’s update we reflect on our Yoda OG’s life cycle going from indoors to outdoors. We quickly touch on our Haze Xtreme crop pulled from our season 5 grow…


  1. prlito9mm says:

    Yay finally

  2. Anthony Reyes says:

    Awesome video bro. Girls lookin sexy. 

  3. Umar Nasir says:

    Can’t say enough amazing things about your growing techniques man. Bravo!
    Not many people can switch a plant indoors to outdoors mid-flower and have
    such spectacular results.

  4. coby steeders organics says:

    that haze extreme looks lovely man cant wait to see it after its stretched
    its legs into the 30 gallon pot its going to be one big ass plant best of
    luck with it (“,)

  5. drew vlew says:

    Your the shit I like that way you talk lol makes me high without weed.

  6. Gizmo EE says:

    Do you have clones 

  7. Daniel Olivares says:

    Good job, keep us updated 

  8. ene831 says:

    cold water does not make purple nugs 😉 myth