My GoPro Mod and Gear And Dabkerchief

No Time by Action Bronson
March 27, 2014
Norden Seeds – Pink Bubble
March 27, 2014

My GoPro Mod and Gear And DabkerchiefSoundrone shows his gopro mod he did and also the gear he has collected so far. Soundrone’s Premium Organic Hemp Wick Bee Lasso is now on AMAZON or at http:/…


  1. .Standards. says:

    Hey Sound, I have an idea for another gopro mod. You should figure out a
    way to put itt on a bong so we get a whole new perspective on rippers.

  2. TrogdorMan says:

    Hob Goblin located under Jeff Bridge.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hey Sound, are those PTFO shirts for sale??? If so, I must aquire one.

  4. jacob wadlinger says:

    Hell ya I smoke 5 dabs on rainy days lol and 2 bong rips lol while watching
    ur videos

  5. dtwizzyyo says:

    HAHAHAHA what to do on rainy days? TAKE DABS!


    Love the videos man keep it up!

  7. Brody Miller says:

    Ohhhhh long johnsaaaaaan

  8. Oneida Austin says:

    Sound Im Wearing the same pants lmfao!!

  9. Tokin Dave says:

    wowser your lungs must hate you but your brain is like Thank you 🙂 Cheers

  10. Ollie Pease says:

    BOSS MODE!!!

  11. angrykid1219 says:

    I hope that rain heads here to Canada. I want to take a rainy day ripper.

  12. Abass jalloh says:

    Less talk more smoking but still love you show never the less 

  13. Max Break says:

    Eye like the new “Dabkerchief” product, really cool idea and graphics your
    obviously a very talented artist… 😀 

  14. prfct1on says:

    damn bro that dab seems to pack a punch

  15. duane doak says:

    Rain, rain go away . Smoke a dab and call it a day :)

  16. hankburlingame says:

    HOB GOBBLIN hahahaha!

  17. ScoobysDoobie says:

    Dude where did you get that tiny rig soundster

  18. .Standards. says:

    Another mod idea use the water proof case, and put the gopro in the big boy
    bong! have it in the water looking up, just a thought

  19. LollinBallin says:

    oh long johnson…. oh don piaaannoo.. LOL sound you crack me the fuck
    up… keep up the halarious vids!

  20. Mark David says:

    Buy the suction cup, I stick it to my truck wherever I go.

  21. Bischlarbo69 says:

    yo Sound,

    You ever gone kayaking off the coast of cali? You should do it and take
    some buds/wax out with the go pro and make a video on the water

  22. Weedin Canada says:

    I laugh every time

  23. khris j says:

    sound show sound show does what he wants when he wants take a dab do a bowl
    it the sound show 

  24. Sound Experiments says: