1000 Watt Grow ( 4 Foot Plants in veg )
June 20, 2011
600 Watt HPS Strain AMS Flower Part 2
June 21, 2011

MENDOCINO MEDICAL MARIJUANA OG KUSH BUBBA 2011 OUTDOOR GROW VIDEO 4Explosive growth! Dark green, lush foliage. Excellent weather & the plants are loving it! ?’s or comments welcome…PEACE OUT!


  1. caliindica says:

    Another one!!man those are sure lush bro.AIC is nice in the backround.

  2. Baybudz says:

    how big do u think the lil one will get

  3. MRCOUCHLOK says:

    Dude, Green City Man 🙂 The weathers getting hot hu. Looks like you had lots of soil / trasplanting work going on, Its nice once they are all in their final pots hu! Kind of like a breather for a little bit, Then it’s back to work. Your garden looks huge this year. Nice Job Man!

  4. 420CanadianToker says:

    Are those plants fro specific patients or dispensaries or just personal lol

  5. sammallory79 says:

    oh look Happy Frog haha

  6. brockkkk6969 says:


  7. MrJdmray says:

    @Codyck1 your outdoor grows are always off the fucking Hook, I just put my girls out side a couple days ago but I was wondering if u could shot me some tips on outdoor/ greenhouse growing,

  8. 5metal5mulisha9 says:

    hey bro do you use subcool’s supersoil method or ur own? The plants look amazing dude!!

  9. codyck1 says:

    @MRCOUCHLOK..You know it brutha!..When ya gonna update? ur shit must be takin’ off too! say ‘high’ to the chronic surfer for me!! LOL..take care

  10. codyck1 says: own soil recipe..u can check it out in my soil & nute video..peace!

  11. codyck1 says:


  12. JonestownKid says:

    Girls are lookin’ goooooood man! Dig hearing Alice in the background, good choice. Think everyone’s lovin’ this NorCal heat!

  13. codyck1 says:

    @420CanadianToker..all of the above

  14. codyck1 says:

    @xkissedbycupid..they have about 8′ between them maybe some a tad closer, the bigger the better!..peace

  15. McDank805 says:

    tried really hard to tell, even strained my eyes and got a headache, but i cant tell for shit. did you switch up to geopots?

  16. jaypie8 says:

    Ya id say fuck it and keep it all for personal…20lbs hahahaaa back up don’t touch my smoke I only have a lil…hahahaha looks awesome man

  17. MrVincegibson says:

    shit looks great dude best I have seen this year plants look in perfect health cant say I see a single flaw

  18. xkissedbycupid says:

    Here’s a comment. How many you planning to grow full cycle? Won’t they overlap each other if you have like 30 or more in that area? Anyways GL, know it will make it’s way down to soco before christmas!!

  19. sammallory79 says:

    uuugh reminds me I have to transplant tonight.