marijuana spring crop part 1


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marijuana spring crop part 1

47 comments on “marijuana spring crop part 1

  1. SinEp Forcerer on

    Must be nice to have such great weather. Were sitting in 3 feet of snow for the next couple of months

  2. chrisyoder100 on

    Looks great. Sam are still running your same nutrients from your older vids?
    Anything new/better? I would like to thank you again for posting and sharing your garden expertise.


    this is about 40×50. I could have put up 2-3 greenhouse i guess. just something i wanted to try out. we shall see how it gos. its also going to be black out grow. Ill have to black it out the last 2-3 weeks of flower


    i dont mind others advise as long as they are not dicks about it. and it was only a bit over 7 pounds.

  5. leigh3374 on

    i would wish you luck m8 but i know you wont need it, 😉 cant wait to see the end product


    post your video as a video response to this one and it will help you get more views and maybe some pointers.

  7. DaveB4C on

    NVM I should have read all the posts..doh! I found my answer. Your gonna finish these in time to plant in June..

  8. Primonotion on

    Evening, what is the plan for these plants? Full season or will you flip these soon for a pre season harvest? What is your temps outside in the night? How many heaters do you need to keep that Gh if any. Goodluck and be well!

  9. matthewc420 on

    awesome. dam talk about starting early.. i was thinking of planting my clones outdoor next month with cfls bulbs at night worked good last year but these cold ass nights im not sure

  10. PsychoMantisCFH on

    STOKED to see you growing back outdoors! love the channel! can’t wait to see what this season brings!
    \m/ cheers \m/

  11. DaveB4C on

    Planting in March… Will this garden go all summer? I ask because you mention 24 hours light. Like maybe your going for two crops, spring and summer. Or else you’d get away with just keeping them in veg by adding a few extra hours of light. Instead of 24 – 0. And IF your going all summer, does planting in March make them monster sized instead of planting in June? Thanks, Dave

  12. dabomb2000pacman on

    I’m not advising him he posted a vid on poo before. I’m just wondering how did it work out

  13. Haze Seeker on

    It would be a good idea to ad 6 more of those T5 panels –
    Or cluster them girls up so they all get the same ammount of lumens .

    Good Luck m8.

  14. Harden Battles on

    I want to be growing right now but for some reason it’s still snowing in ALABAMA for fucks sake.


    for veg im doing compost tea and for flower i might be changing…still looking into a few kinds.

  16. dabomb2000pacman on

    Snowing in Tennessee too ! But I can’t wait until Easter ! The Amish say don’t plant until then here in Tennessee

  17. gman122024 on

    Is this gonna be your spring harvest? Or you veggging them till beginning of summer to get a fall harvest

  18. richard808ish on

    thats gonna be alot is that all for you or ya selling it wish i didnt have to hide my shitty outdoor plants your ukn lucky


    yes. I mix chicken poo into the soil 6 weeks before planting. I also make a chicken poo tea sometimes


    im about to go video up load crazy. I have a head full of video ideas. just got to film them and post them…going to do a lot of pointer ideas and info videos. mail bag, that kind of thing. get ready

  21. PsychoMantisCFH on

    what night temps do u experience this time of year? I’m in canada with snow still so…

  22. jaibyrd7 on

    I’m excited to watch a blackout grow! I didnt catch that the 1st time i watched, i was thinking that its sure gonna be a long season to have the plants that close together, lol. But as we know, Sam has his stuff together, its gonna be a great grow! Can’t wait!


    just 4 mil plastic you can buy at home depo or lowes. nothing special. light get through easy.

  24. 81Kush on

    hmm, diferent then how we do it, we throw wem out in march and harvest around 420 or 5/1 with a small amount of blackout nights early, when were you planin on throwing these into flower if your lighting them durring the night>?


    yes more light would be good, but costly. the light is more to keep them in veg not really to make them grow at night. I want them in the ground so the roots grow right so they have to be spaced out like this.


    im thinking they will veg all of march and ill have to black them out the last 2-3 weeks of flower.

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