marijuana seeds from attitude seedbank

2012 New England Outdoor Marijuana Grow Medical Autoflower Short Season
March 24, 2013
Chrome Sparks – Marijuana
March 24, 2013

marijuana seeds from attitude seedbankthere ok took a while to get here from the u.k and seeds are small.I would recommend kush-central 1st still. next ill try herbies.

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  1. cd123atd4e says:

    Look I seen ur vids .. All I wanna know is and im not saying ur wrong u did buy both.. But how can one be fatter ? I mean cause the breeder sells to the seedbanks and they distribute them to the public. All im saying is attitude did me right I still have healthy mothers from them.. And they all germed and grew females.. I dont usually like feminised cause of the hermie odds in the genetics.. But.thats another story.. I buy regular seeds long story short.. Ill check kush central out..