Marijuana outdoor Weed Grow 2010 the dutch way– NEDERWIET

Marijuana Sun Speaker Grow Box
May 23, 2011
Outdoor Marijuana HARVEST BUDDING 2010
May 23, 2011

Marijuana outdoor Weed Grow 2010 the dutch way-- NEDERWIET


  1. patrickrissie says:

    @americanbreedorange no jail i life in the nederlands thay gif you
    a warning and thake them away

  2. McDoffie says:

    het blijft toch echt zonde!! gierige hufters.. wel een goed filmpje geworden pik!

  3. 808Hea says:

    Did you know that if you smoke marijuana you could be the president of the united states and/or win 8 olympic gold medals?

  4. dragonmotorsports says:

    I wouldn’t mind being his neighbor. : )

  5. kayanesta says:


  6. IloveyouKristina says:

    and where the cops?

  7. patrickrissie says:


  8. 420ninjaturtle says:

    still an amazing grow, fuck the police, check out my vids.

  9. Potfarmerr says:

    What strain did you grow?

  10. cgm0826 says:

    are you a 215 patient in california?

  11. 420igotpurp says:

    wassup could u do me a favor and subscribe me !!! thanx ! check out my first vids of my plants

  12. smeno25 says:

    Man people in the US need to move ta Cali because quite easy to obtain med card.. than you can grow legally 🙂 KEEEEP ON SMOOOKKKING!!!!

  13. outdoorgrowin says:

    damn man that fuckin blows! they looked so beutiful

  14. patrickrissie says:

    @Potfarmerr i used no seeds i used steks of pp plant normaly
    the use it voor indoor growing dud as you can see thay do it great outside

  15. patrickrissie says:

    @qingpinzknocker ja dat kan zo maar zijn daar woon ik in de buurt ze werden ook met aanhangwagen afgevoerd zeker leip

  16. DekoVicious661 says:

    this video almost made me cry 🙁
    i wanted to see them budded soooo bad
    BEAUTIFUL outdoor plants

  17. karperfrank says:


  18. americanbreedorange says:

    how was jail?

  19. qingpinzknocker says:

    leip volgens mij zag ik ze nog gaan met aanhangwagen langs huesmolen

  20. breastfedgatorbait says:

    Cops wouldn’t of stripped it like that, someone robbed his ass

  21. patrickrissie says:

    @McDoffie ja dat zijn ze zeker ja maar in iedergeval bedankt man