Marijuana Outdoor Monster Grow 2011 Harvest

Purple Haze and outdoor White Widow strain High Grade Dank Marijuana Plants
November 30, 2011
Grow Room Update Again
December 1, 2011

Marijuana Outdoor Monster Grow 2011 HarvestMarijuana Outdoor Monster Grow 2011 Harvest Video taken during the 2011 grow & harvest season in California. PLEASE CLICK THE AD ON THIS VIDEO It just takes a second and it is how we are able to keep providing Marijuana Grow Videos. Thanks The Keeper You can now view all the Keepers videos for free on YOU-TUBE. This is a must view video collection with all the information you need for a successful grow. As Told By The Keeper Of The Seeds. Just watch any of the 25 videos while you are at your gro


  1. HxCxDxE says:

    This must be heaven….
    Chilled laid back music and bud as far as the eye can see

  2. monoskunk says:

    nice vid,some big massive bush at the start 🙂