Marijuana greenhouse grow


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Marijuana greenhouse grow greenhouse season is here, so check it out.

38 comments on “Marijuana greenhouse grow

  1. leigh3374 on

    been in AWE of some of your ladies dude so fuck the haters, theyre not half the grower you are and never will be… they green alright, but with envy and jealousy!!!!!!

  2. jpollock1000 on

    Hi Sam ,I am looking for a greenhouse .how tall are thosre? and if i start growang small clones will the greenhouse be tall enough to finnish plants in there .. will i need to keep them pinned down so they dont?thanks Sam

  3. xSTONEDxNINJAx on

    Nice Sam. Can’t wait to see what u do this year. Check my greenhouse when u can 🙂

  4. EK209er on

    so is this going to be your outdoor crop this yr..are you just vegging them with the t5 til april?or do you plan on cropping this earliar in the season?…


    no floor, not needed. yes its water proof. its strong enough to hold up a few 100 pounds of lights with out an issue.

  6. Greedyboijay on

    Do you sell the tarp by itself i bought a 7 x 15 heavy duty from you and i need a new tarp only


    do you always hate on others or just some times? I see you had good things to say about some of my other videos. I love the haters like you who run their mouth but have no videos to back up how bad ass they are. retard

  8. Primonotion on

    Hi sam, when does your heater turn on at what temp? The plants in the gh presently will those be for the full season or will you flip those for a winter crop? Are you a 100% organic grower? Thanks sam, blessings nd be well?

  9. leann lewis on

    Gret setup. What happens to your electrical items when it rains?
    Hope your VD was enjoyable

  10. Timothy Mullenniex on

    Nice product. I will have to see if I can afford one this year. Keep up the good work. I like how you tell the haters to upload a video… and the dumb asses never do.

  11. SeedBankReviews on

    man I wish I could run a greenhouse out here

    looking great, keep working towards the grow you want and let the haters keep doing their thing.

    the aardvark


    this one is about 8 feet tall in the center. Most are 7 feet tall. Check out the website and they info for each one is listed. depends on how long they grow i guess if they will be small enough to finish.

  13. brandon21789 on

    I can’t even believe people are hating on you. Lol.That’s funny. Thanks samm for sharing your knowledge you have no idea how much you have help me. can’t wait to see what your summer crop looks like.. Take notes boys and girl.


    like i say in the video im not using the heater. however it will come on if it drops below 65. the plants are going to be used in a preseason grow. no, not 100% organic


    maybe you should have went to the web site and talked about it there. posting a comment about your order here not the best way to get it handled.

  16. lydzzyl on

    was wondering what the temps outside where? Also how much does the greenhouse warm up temp wise


    janky looking? hell i thought it looked the best out of all that i have. hope yours is doing good. upload them videos buddy

  18. Muffin Man on

    Just a few questions.. Is there a floor included? how strong is that tent? Is it water proof? How much weight can the frame support? Thank You!

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