marijuana garden update 11 My outdoor


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marijuana garden update 11 My outdoor quick view of tops of budding plants

12 comments on “marijuana garden update 11 My outdoor

  1. bravevaper on

    bro i hate you !!!
    im trying to get my 1st grow going and im not havin any luck ,i think the seeds i had been saving must be bad,i cant get any to sprout

  2. mopingapples on

    @jrdavair Bubba Kush is one of my favorite strains for nighttime use but anything Indica Dominant

  3. lonbites on

    i tried growing in houston, but its so hot that my plants died :/ seeing your plants strive seem to make me feel better, beautiful!!!

  4. Arperture2008 on

    @SAMMCCONNELL Sam you should have asked the cops if posting videos on Youtube got their attention to raid you like it has for other people…

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