Marijuana desert garden.wmv


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Marijuana desert garden.wmvSome Hawaiian Bubble Punch And K13 high mountain desert outdoor- NM 2010 (and yes i know i need a tripod)

3 comments on “Marijuana desert garden.wmv

  1. ShooterMaGavin on

    @ireeyed ok man, that’s just what the guy said it was called, so I looked it up. Cheers

  2. ireeyed on

    @ShooterMaGavin If it didn’t come from me or a colorado dispencery then You don’t have this. I’m the breeder and its only been released to a few dispenceries around colorado

  3. ShooterMaGavin on

    Nice weed, i’m about to go get some of this, I had to “youtube it” to see if it was a fake name.

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