LCS Day 50 Back from Hiatus

LST & HST Training; Cannabis Patient’s Outdoor Patio Grow
September 2, 2014
Yellow Smoke of Death and Triple XXX Root Beer
September 3, 2014

LCS Day 50 Back from HiatusWelcome to the “Lone Clone Series” a interactive daily grow journal, completely controlled by my OGs. Sit back, relax and enjoy day 50 of the Lone Clone Series. Leave your comments and suggestions!…


  1. iplaygames559 says:

    Why did u clip the ends of the leaves in the humidity dome

  2. Big bud Indica says:

    Awwww gay… Pls stick to one thing. Thanks 

  3. Tor Blazeby says:

    welcome back, happy birthday and FIRST! lol