LCS Day 17 Lets Get Interactive


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LCS Day 17 Lets Get InteractiveWelcome to the “Lone Clone Series” a interactive daily grow journal, completely controlled by my OGs. Sit back, relax and enjoy day 17 of the Lone Clone Series. Leave your comments and suggestions!…

32 comments on “LCS Day 17 Lets Get Interactive

  1. Robert Charlton on

    hey man another cracking video i always look out for new parts with this
    and series 4 deffo think you transplant that GDP in to the fox farm would
    be much happier in softer soil

    i think we should top all of the lower tops on the yoda though get them
    early then later on in the plant is goner have a stronger support as
    eventually they will become more woody 

  2. pm2721 on

    Transplant the indoor clone into Foxfarm soil, it will lag way too far
    behind the outdoor clone in that miserable soil.

  3. Justin Brookes on

    Definitely transplant the GDP I would say. That outside dirt is really
    holding her back. And for the Yoda I think it’d be dope to top every shoot
    on her. It would delay the LST but just throwing it out there haha 

  4. Co Jeis on

    Somthing a little nutty and purely for science lol take a clone of the
    clone when its bigger n see which plant could take more stress until
    nanners show. Lets see whos stronger genetically.

  5. NVclosetmedgrower on

    I vote you transplant her into a mix of 1/2 outside dirt, 1/4 perlite, and
    1/4 FFOF. that would be an interesting combo. Atleast it still keeps with
    the outside theme some and the extra perlite will aerate the dense outdoor
    soil a little.

    No matter what happens, have fun with her. Peace

  6. cannabis newb on

    Check my video out on my plants new to this just need help with my plants
    got some crusty leaves or something

  7. amateurbowyer on

    i think that if you put velcro straps on the LST pots it would help with
    the usefulness and adaptivness of the pots

  8. Alex Cisneros on

    Transplant GDP into foxfarm no doubt foxfarm all day unless you can make
    tga super soil but if fox farm all day! And Yoda og is gunna be a beast

  9. puffintheherble on

    I dont know why, just the look of the plant i guess, but i think the Yoda
    might be a male. Just at the inconsistance with the leaf formation. Just a
    guess. We’ll have to wait and see

  10. Tristan Jones on

    First OG to comment brotha! Tell Jipse that I’m deffenetly ordering myself
    a LST pot for myself hear in Canada! Cheers

  11. TG SoRa on

    Transplant!! So curious on how the GDPs root structure is. Yoda looks so
    beautiful. Keep it up OG! 

  12. tv76g on

    Transplant, I don’t won’t to see it die!! That would be a waste!! I’m
    loving the way this LCP is going! G420G no matter what they say ,
    transplant it!! Keep it alive! ✌️

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