I’ve grown a ton of weed since it became legal

Super Kush & Salvia 20X Trippin Balls!!!!
April 10, 2015
2015 Outdoor Grow – #1 Baby SFV OG
April 10, 2015

Jeremy Moberg owns CannaSol Farms, one of the top 10 marijuana producers in the state of Washington. Take a step onto his farm and hear his environmental mission to grow weed using the sun,…


  1. Mary Godinez says:

    Dude share some weed

  2. ZillaStorm says:

    4/20 is coming up!!! ;)

  3. TOP FLIGHT 813 says:

    I’ve grown a ton of weed since it became legal: https://youtu.be/sbdy3AVyX5w

  4. Rohan Blake says:

    Weed is not Legal bro. Its still a federal Crime. If its not a federal law
    then its not legal. The feds will be raiding all of these fools weed
    forrest pretty soon but but its a state law. I’m safe. Weed should be legal
    anyways. Why waste our tax money arresting these people.


  5. Gary Pal says:

    guy looks stoned