Indoor Weed and Bret Maverick Melty Bubble Shots

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December 17, 2014
December 17, 2014

Soundrone back from an amazing trip thru 2014 Outdoor Marijuana is glad to be home with some indoor OG Kush. Then we do some dab bubble shots using the 420enail get yours at a discounted price …


  1. MakeMyBrainMelt73 says:

    So by indoor vs outdoor do you mean where it is grown? I didnt know that
    really made a difference haha

  2. Amir Omar says:

    Damn I love your videos, Sound! Housepants!!
    So I have a question. My brother insists that grinding weed and putting it
    in a bong (with a screen of course) will get you higher than simply just
    smoking a nug in the bong. Any views on that?


    fuck the haters!!!! every strain you sampled looked great! i feel the
    effects faster off outdoor, seem to last longer too

  4. Collapze says:

    fuck yea

  5. Ekul Nitram says:

    works great with full melt bubble hash. Shouts out to CCC420

  6. st0ner_mtl says:

    this technique is for water extracted hash aka full melt clear dome

  7. stayupjs says:

    I ordered some lasso sound cant wait to see the dif. From bee line etc.

  8. 2freshhobos says:

    Hey Sound. Thanks so much for continuing to post. Finals this week have got
    me so stressed out, and it’s nice to be able to smoke and take my mind off
    of things with you. So thank you man, keep em coming!

  9. Dominick Just says:

    sound I watch you every night man! Your the coolest, dont ever stop making

  10. Sound Experiments says:
  11. 12345xmaster says:

    Hey Sound i wish i could give you some of the outdoor weed Im smoken on it
    looks like your indoor, in fact most outdoor i smoke gets sold in Cali to
    clubs as indoor becuase its the only way to get a fair price on it cuz its
    that dank, not sure if you have encountered outdoor growers that care and
    know what they are doing but just letting you know in case you dont know:
    outdoor can be just as dank as indoor, most outdoor is shit due to greedy
    mass producing growers that sacrifice quality for ten pound plants that
    usually are machine processed unlike indoor and often bashed around and
    treated without care

  12. richToFEn1337 says:

    Fuck you sound that mindblowism you said tripped me out so hard I sat down
    and thought if what you said and it started to make sense

  13. mario juana says:


  14. girthakian says:

    Cheers Sound! :)

  15. voltage2255 says:

    Awsome vid man made my day. keep em coming sound

  16. rob rogers says:

    You don’t need to use the screen technique when it’s bho. Solvent less hash
    usually has plant matter left in it, the screen is meant to keep it off
    your nail.

  17. Kyle Graham says:

    I have always wondered what his camera looks like 

  18. LUIS TX says:

    Sound. Always blowing minds

  19. WakeUpand BakeUp says:

    My grandma is me buying me a clear tube with triple honeycomb perc off the
    borowarehouse for Christmas it was like $85 with bowl dome and nail I think
    it comes with a dome and nail too unless It means pick a bowl or a nail and
    dome ? If it comes with a bowl dome and nail DAMNNN your hooking it up for