Ice Cube Bong Rips and Peanut Butter Pop-Tarts


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Ice Cube Bong Rips and Peanut Butter Pop-TartsSoundrone finally remembers to ice off his 18 inch Bee lasso Inline 18mm Bong then chomps down some Peanut Butter Pop-tarts. Soundrone’s Premium Organic Hemp Wick Bee Lasso is now on AMAZON…

50 comments on “Ice Cube Bong Rips and Peanut Butter Pop-Tarts

  1. SatinMan on

    This might seem weird Sound, but I like to get the nutter butter cookies,
    put some in an empty glass, then pour milk in there let em get a little
    soft and eat them like a cereal…Try it!

  2. charles haas on

    ROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOXXXXXXXAAAAAAAAAANN!!!!!!!!! im so medicated hear in the
    common filth of Virginia :”) love your videos sound, do some more crazy
    shiz with your cannel man

  3. DethMetal36 on

    No DIRECT light. Maybe at night, use it. But not pointed at you. Bounce the
    light off the wall or put it above you. Bouncing the light is some
    professional cinematography and photography shit.
    You already have the suns ambient light and that’s all the light you need.
    Sorry for the protip:|

  4. Mike DeRose on

    Sound you should look into a few lighting videos and see about an umbrella
    shade or try have the light above you out of your face but illuminating you
    and a dim counter light facing away in the background.

  5. Tyler Desmarais on

    pb pop tarts are the dank, the only thing I hate that I don’t understand is
    why there the only flavor that comes with 3 packages instead of 4?

  6. VNessMescudi on

    Is your office trailer attached to your house ? or do you have to go
    outside your house to get to it 

  7. charles haas on

    the peanut pop tarts are good if you add more peanut butter, there are 2
    kinds of pb pt’s

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