Humboldt Nutrients Unboxing 2 Part Premium Program

Volcano Vapor Session
December 19, 2014
18 & up. LAte Night Show With Nay!
December 19, 2014

Welcome to Season 5! Today we are unboxing Humboldt Nutrients. 18 bottles in total make up Humboldt Nutrients 2 Part Premium Program.Thanks for watching! If this video helped you at any point,…


  1. Charles Cotter l l l says:

    I use it and it work great

  2. NASSCAR707 says:

    I’m using the Big UPS Powder and myco madness in my Grow Now . I’ve been
    using that with the roots organics uprising line for like 2 months now and
    it’s a great additive .Big Ups is something else you’ll see what I’m
    talking about. Lol bomb.

  3. oPyr3x says:

    Love your video! Keep that work man. From a canadian og ahah

  4. OGBobby Pa says:

    Hell yeah G. I can’t wait to see how the girls react with the new line up
    you got them. I don’t think you’ll have a problem with them at all. ❤️

  5. nathan kinncaid says:

    Love your videos man! That’s a lot of bottles! I think it’ll do insane!
    Later O.G. lol

  6. CannabisIndica710 says:

    That’s a sweet line up!

  7. Jay Schmidt says:

    I run general organics entire line and use hi-brix molasses and natures
    nectar nitrogen for extra N when i need it, i get great results. 

  8. Grow Colorado says:

    How much did that package run for?

  9. Budz Igrow says:

    cant wait to see this, bro!