How to make an LSTpot


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How to make an LSTpotWelcome to Season 4! New Products, New Facility & So Much More! Interested in an LSTpot? Find on instagram / facebook #JipseGlass @JipseGlass OverGrowSociety…

8 comments on “How to make an LSTpot

  1. akatsukijonny on

    nice vid man and very informative!! definitely liking LST myself and ive
    been using wire tie to tie it down but the metal in the wire would leave a
    line if you do it there too long and it grows and then its indented but
    this sounds the best with the elastic stretch. 

  2. Tristan Jones on

    This is a great idea you guys!! Love the videos the last couple of days
    brotha’s , peace out and keep up the good work. Bong rip for ya 

  3. maineCannaseur on

    do u find those black bags hold more heat rather than the white ones?
    thanks for the vids bro 

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