How long does it take an outdoor marijuana plant to grow?

Indoor Marijuana Growing Setup – How to Grow Pot Seeds 17
September 14, 2010
Indoor Marijuana Growing Setup – How to Grow Pot Seeds 11
September 14, 2010
outdoor marijuana

Me and my friend are planting 15 plants in mid june, at first we thought it would take 2 months, but it turns out it might take more, i was wondering if anybody knew?

and if it takes longer, how i could shorten it


  1. BrandiDuncan6 says:

    You can’t start in mid June and get any kind of quality product. You need to start in April and it takes 5 months until they are ready to harvest.

  2. tedgtfan says:

    You can give it meth to speed up the growth

  3. CS says:

    Regardless of when they are planted, flowering won’t start until days and nights are approximately equal. Until then, they will continue to grow, but not flower. The longer they have to grow, the larger the plant. Once flowering begins, depending on the strain, the flowers will usually mature in 7-10 weeks. The only way to shorten the time frame is to grow indoors, under artificial lighting to induce flowering by flipping the lights on and off at 12 hour intervals. Outdoors, your plants are on Mother Nature’s own schedule.

  4. James Mizzell says:

    A lot of variables to consider, weather being the most fickle. A lot of good info at this site.