Hit and run 04

Worlds Biggest Bong Hit
August 31, 2014
Outdoor Cannabis Grow 2014 (6th week flowering) 720p
August 31, 2014

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  1. midnitetoke420 says:

    Love the bong he has cuz I have it too its so awesome we have the same
    piece cheers!

  2. Jordan Munoz says:

    i spy a new nail?

  3. MrDaveman420 says:

    Mornin! These little hit and runs are cool but disappointing cut they are
    so short. I prefer the longer vlogs cut of the discussions and all the fun
    stuff u do! I guess a little Sound in the morning is better than no Sound
    at all! Cheers bro! Thanx for all the quality entertainment and
    information. We love u Sound!

  4. Sound Experiments says:
  5. thatone stoner says:

    That perc is so awesome 

  6. Ryan Radosti says:

    Sound these hit and run vids are awesome I can’t encourage you enough to
    keep me up! 

  7. bubbaeisen says:

    Yo Sounds, I love these little vids, if they are regular additions to what
    we get content wise, then that will be awesome! Just as long as it doesnt
    mean we get less medicating with sound! Love the videos man, been around
    for a while!

  8. denver4life420 says:

    nice dome sound love it mann 

  9. Deacon Rick says:

    Sound are you saying cheers brazzers before you take the hit?