Hit and Run #03

LST & HST Training; Cannabis Patient’s Outdoor Patio Grow
August 30, 2014
AutoMazar Dutch Passion Weed Cultivation time lapse
August 31, 2014

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  1. hankburlingame says:

    You need to do PTFO at the end sound!! Cheers!

  2. THEHOAG says:

    Is that ed bassmaster on your shirt?

  3. tompat chojnohew says:

    Fuck yes brotha

  4. super sourdiesel says:

    keep these going man, they’re awesome

  5. Robear Mthree says:

    I was sitting here thinking, “he didn’t say house pants” then you yell
    house pants. Great timing, Sound!

  6. therazerjack says:

    House Pants! Dude i gotta say i love you! no homo tho unless u want to be
    homo which is cool and all. But really thanks for being a good sport!

  7. tompat chojnohew says:

    House paaaaaants!

  8. Sound Experiments says:
  9. Steven Drake says:

    House pants are the shiznat!!

  10. MrRacerxdidshred says:

    respect on all the new videos keep em commin dude

  11. Molten Mini says:


  12. Austin Rinderle says:

    Sound I dig the hit and run vids, but honestly I think they are just a
    little on the short side of things. I know your trying to make shorter
    videos for you channel, but I think a Hit and Run video should be no
    shorter than 4:20 and no longer than 7:10. It’s just a suggestion, but love
    the vids Sound! Cheers and Peace!

  13. Dvus821 says:

    HousePants shout out, bong rips, and Bartle doo shirt = all-around YouTube
    win! I heart this channel ;)

  14. Ken Smith says:

    Always chiefin to your vids wid you 

  15. Joseph Thompson says:

    Awesome I love the bee lasso bong.

  16. Chris Campbell says:

    Got my house pants on too dude.

  17. Zane Kaiser says:

    Shouts out to house pants, got a few pairs.

  18. Jesse Torres says:

    Even if it’s a minute or less , still entertaining to watch . Keep it up

  19. squiggzzz1 says:

    Love seeing your name pop up on my Instagram feed Sound

  20. Rissa TwitchThackerBitch says:


  21. luk3fb says:

    Awesome vids sound always put me in a good mood bro