harvest part 1

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harvest part 1 part of my outdoor marijuana harvest

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    @cqbmaster1 in this video, there is parts of about 7 plants total. if i were to cut down the whole plant, it would fill the whole drying rack/cage.

  2. MaGxProDucTioNz on

    @SAMMCCONNELL do you ever just take a bit for yourself ? like i know your a med grower but i was just wondering ­čśÇ

  3. CAllen2006 on

    I have a big 420 problem and need advice! My plants are week 7 into flowering and the leaves have started to curl up (similar to a soft taco). Indoor grow. Temp is great. Humidity a bit dry. PPM around 1200. PH 6.5. Lava rock medium. All my other soil grows in the same room are doing great so I’m sure something is up with my solution. Any ideas on the problem?


    @sleepingowl1 never had that problem. I know there is lots of thing you can do. Best thing to do is go to your local hydro shop and ask them.


    @SuMDaTPuRP420 i do a quick trim of the fan leaf, then hang it. then i trim it when its dry

  6. denise0jb on

    damn right your doing big thigs big time thats alot of work you put in now time for the reawrd good job big respect an thanks for keep it green an keep growen peace

  7. eames02 on

    do you make hash or anything out of the trimmings, cause id imagine you would hav sooo much to make shit out of haha


    @mikehamp316 um….if it was for sell, witch its not, i dont sell..or something….um…

    prices would start at 2400 per p.

  9. BigDansGreenThumb on

    Licensed MMP here and id love some clones!!
    Great garden , great harvest!
    Email me if u can!

  10. xxtruckin93xx on

    hey when i harvest my plant should i put in dark room and lut it dry for a week in a dry room

  11. StretchTerror on

    1)´╗┐ Hold´╗┐ your breath.

    2) Copy all´╗┐ of these steps.

    3) Go to two´╗┐ other´╗┐´╗┐ video.

    4) Paste it´╗┐ in´╗┐´╗┐ the comments.

    If´╗┐ you´╗┐ can´╗┐ do all´╗┐ of´╗┐ this without´╗┐´╗┐ breathing you’re´╗┐´╗┐ a´╗┐ good pot smoker


    @craigo101 this is about 2 days of trimming with 2 people trimming. no machine on this, all by hand


    @Hoodgrower this is only a small part of the harvest….could fill the room like this 15 times


    @CAllen2006 first you need to flush and flush a lot. you have a build up going on of nutes. next, try to get your PH to 5.7-6,0. your ppm of 1200 might be too high, but cant really say. your main problem is build up of salts from feeding. flush the hell out of them. should fix.

  15. 369adrn on

    i thought if the buds touched each other while drying its at risk of mold growing on it plz answr

  16. prhibb on

    Are you Dutch? Because you grow like the peeps in Amsterdam, small scale but WoW.
    Nice set up, glad your helping . Stay Strong. Peace


    @prhibb no, live in the USA California. small scale? 63 plants outdoors, your the first to say small grow. I like to say its a med. size grow, being from cali anyway. thanks

  18. royb932 on

    Hey man i grow in cali and im growing very small with 3 plants outdoors and i need some advice on where i should harvest when the time comes. i do not have a dry room. And i do not believe i will have one by harvest time

  19. slimES104block on

    Hey man when you going to add some more videos of what you been doing lately. I know you said the wind and rain got the greenhouse you made but what about all the plants that you had in the greenhouse did they survive. Are all of your outdoor plants done?

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