Guerrilla Chronicles day 60+ Outdoor Grow

The new O.G garden
March 31, 2015
March 31, 2015

Day 60+ to 75 The time has come to plant. Day 60+ to 75 There was only one goal, clone as much as I could in 2 months and this is what I got. Like I say every time, I’m no pro, but I love…


  1. ThesePlantsRule says:

    Love your plants, I do!

  2. Farmer Brown says:

    hell yeah !

  3. Clayton Wilson says:

    Hey brother all I can say I wow all those beautiful plants bud wish mine
    was that big I mean I have allot but wow bro hope alls well bud thank u for
    a new video beautiful work bud can’t wait to watch more from u happy
    growing bud cheers 

  4. Afghandieselhaze says:

    Mad respect comin your way bro good luck and keep us updated 

  5. ThesePlantsRule says:
  6. East Coast Cannabis says:

    Idk whats more beautiful all those lovely plants or fucking green grass its
    still fucking snowing out on the east coast more tonight. I might get my
    girls out by june….