Growing marijuana outoors?

I need a supply list for marijuana growing?
September 17, 2010
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September 17, 2010
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Greenmind420 asked:

Im thinnking about starting a small outdoor growing operation only for my and my freinds personal use so i was looking for some help to growing otdoors and wether i should use seeds or cuttings and ive found a website tha sells pot seeds but im not completly sure its not some sort of a setup/scam any and all help is well appreciated


  1. PENNYLANE says:

    Make sure you live where it’s legal to grow, or for medical purposes.

  2. they're at war for your mind says:

    don’t mess with an outdoor garden, especially the first time, there are too many uncontrollable variables.

    buy a good cannabis growing book (i recommend the guides by jorge cervantes) and start a little indoor set up somewhere out of the way…a bedroom closet or something.

    some online seed companies are legit, some aren’t. personally, i refrain from buying anything to grow dope that i have to put a name or address down to purchase…if there’s no paper trail, there’s nothing to follow.

    your best bet is to get female clones, because you only smoke the female plant. the male plant is worthless (unless your messing with genetics). growing from seed is a gamble, you can’t tell the sex until you invested a good amount of time into the project.

    during the veg stage (the first stage) feed your plants tomato food. during the flowering stage (2nd stage) feed them rose food.


  3. Mantra says:

    Best to get clones from a plant that is known to grow well in your area and climate. It will cut out the hassle of experimenting. Plants grown from seeds can take two years to give a good crop of buds.

  4. xjoizey says:

    Just use the seeds out of your own stash.
    It’ll take about 3 summer months to bud. It’s a weed and grows fast.