Grow Like a Pro with Nico Escondido – Field Report #2

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May 23, 2011
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May 23, 2011

Grow Like a Pro with Nico Escondido - Field Report #2In this field report Nico Escondido visits a massive ganja farm boasting indoor, outdoor and greenhouse grows. Checkout their Headband, grown from clone and only a few weeks away from harvest! Grow Like a Pro with Nico Escondido is due out in the spring of 2011 and offers a fresh take on the acclaimed HIGH TIMES cultivation DVDs of old. Keep checking back as Nico and the crew post bonus footage from the road. Their journey will take them through some of the best medical growrooms, greenhouses an


  1. TheRealSlaveZero says:

    Not enough light man… Can’t see shit

  2. Hall1bd says:

    @MrLiveLife2TheFulles If you read High Times look at who writes the articles, he’s done a lot of shit, and knows what he’s talkin about, don’t be hatin just because you don’t know who he is. He’s High Times Cultivation editor btw.

  3. smokeyrojas says:

    damm i wish that was my friend who ever grew that

  4. Odyssey420TVshows says:

    Beautiful Huge Buds Mmm Mmm Good…Great Video (Odyssey 420 TV Shows)

  5. ARTnSKIN says:

    lmao love the videos but there just a taste of what you have to offer and to get it we have to buy a video!?

    Really enjoy the updates hope they keep getting better, longer, more info .

  6. nyjacobs92 says:

    they should put music in the intro

  7. C1N2J3 says:


  8. AkumaPB says:

    I wish i was there

  9. DJGusGus93 says:

    i just jizzed

  10. Metatheist says:

    I dislike the dude and the fakeness

  11. MrLiveLife2TheFulles says:

    @Hall1bd HT is kid’s reading/ bud porn and any 1 that rely s on HT to learn how to grow needs help. My point with this guy is what education does he have, Has he ever ran a big grow and so on. Any 2 bit hack can show you some1 else’s grow and say what that grower did to grow it. I think a Cultivation editor should have a few degrees and had a lot of life experience in growing. If you all love HT them good for you all It is some good bud porn but nothing more.

  12. AbsoluteMAL says:


  13. HiiMSkilled says:


  14. jungleekidd says:

    60sec field report lol

  15. BigSmokePolitics says:

    can anyone please answer my question is to how these people at hightimes get to show these hugeass growhouses and they do not get caught like i swear if a cop were to see this it wouldnt be so good.

  16. JustGameKid says:

    WOW who else would love too just be walking by at night and come across those huge plants???

  17. CanadianGanjaGuy420 says:

    i think you guys are all jealous that you don’t get to work for HighTimes!

  18. illbefuct says:

    @C1N2J3 clearly this is a big achievement for you !

  19. MrLiveLife2TheFulles says:

    Nico the nobody! wtf where they get that guy!


    dude leave it up to the real growers high times just causes unwanted proplems for people

  21. theweedguy says:

    nico and danny danko need to come to POCO and get MESSED again. Remember you got lost and missed all your appointments.

  22. gnrands50 says:

    @BigSmokePolitics Because there is nothing illegal about showing or reporting on anything. Nobody is claiming to own or run this farm, Nico is just a travelling reporter (and says so), and no details about location are given. It is even possible that this is a legal Medical Cannabis Cooperative. High Times has a First Amendment Right to write & show whatever they want.

    BTW these are some really beautiful ladies!