Green Green Testing

عصابات Documenting Most Violent Crimes
March 12, 2015
♪ Scooter Vlog ♫ Scooter Vlog ♪
March 12, 2015

Soundrone’s Premium Organic Hemp Wick Bee Lasso is now on AMAZON or at Boro Warehouse Discount Glass Gallery For Parts 420 …


  1. Luke Triplett says:

    Haha yea man 

  2. The Crazy/Insane Network says:

    Awesome Soundrone on the green screen…the possibilities are endless!

  3. Ty Wilkins says:

    i guess you got your new badass computer in eh? 

  4. Samarigil66 says:

    +Sound Experiments how did you get the green screen to work ?

  5. Sound Experiments says:
  6. Deven Trujillo says:

    I’m too high for this.

  7. Mortimer Stern says:


  8. khris j says:

    did any one else think wayne’s world when sound scremed like extrem close

  9. Gotta Love says:

    We gotta play games and take some rippers sometime sound.

  10. WHATSTHETIME11 says:


  11. Benxism says:

    Not sure if anyone noticed but Sound’s lighter was reacting to the green

  12. dustin king says:

    Do one in outer space #SpacePaaaants!!

  13. Bubbleman says:


  14. Tyler Charette says:

    You crack me up sound 

  15. POOpStiNkPiE says:

    Hah woah when you disappeared the first time I actually was confused haha.
    Get grand theft auto 5 for pc when it comes out. If it isn’t already. Best
    game stoned. Might be a lot for the computer to handle I know you said you
    have slow Internet. 

  16. Gambler123B says:

    I’m too high to deal with this oh man

  17. Bernouski Jenkins says:

    all i know is i just saw sound pull a bong from a field of weed

  18. Drich748 says:

    Your lighter works with the green screen

  19. BootlegCrew302 says:

    I’m gonna guess that your lighter was green, it also changed to the
    background picture of the plants. You should try to see what your weed
    looks like when you use the green screen!

  20. Tim Decker says:

    you never fail to make me laugh! next hits for you soundrone, cheers!

  21. BootlegCrew302 says:

    Or green bong water!

  22. TrogdorMan says:

    Sound I NEED to know how to phase in and out of reality!

  23. Fred for20 says:

    lol this tooo trippy lol I gotta work today man tripping me out shiiiit
    cheers sound haha

  24. imComYOU says:

    I dont wanna sound like a debbie downer but i hope we still get a good
    ratio of vlogs without the green screen, like the feel of it being au

  25. Clive Hessing says:

    oh hell ya this is awesome you could like have like a unicorn fighting a
    dragon in the background idek what im talking about sooooo frikin stoned
    right now lol