video journal of a comedians life
November 17, 2014
trees – Mon Nov 17 14:02:02 EST 2014
November 17, 2014

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  1. SmokeumPeacepipe says:

    this has got to be one of the more entertaining videos i have seen in a
    long time. 

  2. Nico Alexandroste says:

    Ya so dumb for real

  3. elementcheese115 says:

    OMG XD!!!! Please do more of this and show more time of the goat high XD
    made my day!

  4. TheHerbmaN92 says:

    lucky goat haha

  5. RafaSKANK says:

    haja erva pra esse bode louco hahahahah
    totalmente chapado, se desse com as limas ele iria comer tudo !!

  6. vivacious420hippie says:

    Haha he was like fuck that lime..he really enjoyed and was excited about
    the weed..was super cute he kept wagging his tail..greatly enjoyed this

  7. MrFlamewheel says:

    lmfao made my morning bro, got up figured hell ya bowl time an seen you
    posted lololol the stoner goat is born ^^- Epileptic stoner community-

  8. StayHigh420 says:

    Hahahah he loves it!

  9. graham richmond says:

    I love this goat. May it be in every episode ever

  10. KIEF'N THEM SOFTLY says:


  11. hydude16 says:

    hahaha lol cool vid man

  12. lila933 says:

    I think chocolate is not really good for a goat ?!

  13. CustomGrow420 says:

    Awesome! My guinea pigs eat bubble gum. Otter pops, licorice, cotton candy
    and more!

  14. juggalogingah says:

    I just want to hug and smoke a bowl with that Billy Goat! C: so happpy

  15. TheWankadank says:

    That dude got a serious case of the munchies

  16. Jeff Francis says:

    Next time decarb your bud before 😉 He might like it better!

  17. nick halifaxuk says:

    id sleep with 1 eye open tonight hell be raiding your fridge after u go to
    sleep with the munchies haha lol..

  18. CocaBams says:

    New natural grinder. Wait for him to poop now and roll a fatty!

  19. snack pack says:

    might need a drink of water to wash them nugs down haha. 

  20. Corey Forrester says:

    Hahah his tail was wagging extra hard for the nuggets lol

  21. STU420BOBO says:

    Oh man that’s too funny your goat clearly has an appetite for bud he must
    of chomped through best part of a half once lucky happy goat..

  22. Terra Flower says:

    That is sooo funny! I wonder if goats would eat a field of them. I wonder
    if it can make him a healthier goat. I thoroughly enjoyed watching this

  23. Matthew Moreland says:

    Yummy…. donuts !!!!

  24. Haze Buster says:


  25. Andy Garcia says:

    Damn he started trippen 

  26. Regsone Mfdoom says:


  27. Teresa Simpson says:

    Need a nanny goat to feed the shake to; then when you milk her the is even
    healthier for you. Also makes her kids grow fatter.

  28. Whippy TripodZA says:

    Was your goat stoned

  29. Terra Flower says:

    Check out this video on YouTube:lmao AWESOME!

  30. tomato48 says:

    Awesome video! I always wanted to know if you were growing how’d your crop
    go this year?

  31. justin bradley says:

    That was actually really funny sound

  32. Michael Cerda says:

    I laughed 

  33. Oliver Clothsoff says:

    done got it stoned as fuck loolll

  34. IronLungs Mcgee says:

    I wonder if he would eat the limes after getting stoned..

  35. SKShawski says:

    i cried

  36. Aarni Metsäpelto says:

    HAHAHA! Hey Sound, you should do a ranch tour video where you show the
    whole damn place. That would be blast! Cheers dude!

  37. zack connors says:

    Here i am dankrupt and you have so much bud that youre feeding it to
    goats….life isnt fair sometimes 

  38. nick halifaxuk says:

    goatee munchies in effect …FEED ME FEED ME ,FEED ME NOW..peace…

  39. LocoAssasinKill says:

    hahaha hes fucked up by the end hahaaha lucky goat 

  40. xXPalominoXx says:

    Best video ever….

  41. Batman Swag says:

    You have so much weed it’s scary

  42. SKShawski says:

    he needs more space :'(

  43. LeftyBassistFTW says:

    Damn man, you must be rolling in weed if you’re willing to give a bunch
    away to your goat. Cool goat though, he’s gonna get fat with you around.

  44. Pulsed Neutrino says:

    hopefully was not horny goat weed by mistake.

  45. zachnuketown says:

    Lmao just tossed like half an ounce to a goat. I would gladly smoke all
    that bud outta my new bong. My stash ran out

  46. Catherine Piroli says:

    Awww I totes want a goat!

  47. SatinMan says:

    Sound, I can’t believe you were feeding that goat full blown buds and
    getting it all fucked up. I know weed is harmless, but never the less, why
    would you do something like that? That goat did not deserve to be all
    fucked up like that, and it not knowing what’s happening to it. To me,
    that’s animal cruelty. Would you want someone to give you something without
    you knowing what it is, and then getting all fucked up?

  48. The77john says:

    you fucked that goat up,lmao