Gil’s Indoor/Outdoor Grow Experiment (Forced Flower Day 39) Outdoor Medical Marijuana

Medimike -Medical grow room
June 21, 2012
Explaining which varieties and Happy 420
June 22, 2012

Gil's Indoor/Outdoor Grow Experiment (Forced Flower Day 39) Outdoor Medical – This is the first video content I’ve made with the small indoor project I’ve undertaken that revolves around a dozen seeds I was lucky enough to find in a really nice non-sweet purple indica type of bud. I have been posting about these plants for a little while now on Facebook, but figured that they are at a point now that they look pretty enough for your viewing pleasure here on the NugPorn channel. If you have questions about my little grow project, feel free to ask here in the


  1. PaulieNuggs says:

    with parental concent, i belive you can.

  2. MMJ420Gardener says:

    how do you force flower? U bring them indoors for darkness?

  3. MistaSanch3z says:

    Sea of Green?

  4. nugporn says: has a lot of info on genetic info, and seed bank info. I don’t have anyone to recommend off hand at the moment. Peace – Gil

  5. superscaryeti says:

    hey gil can u please reply,

  6. nugporn says:

    These ladies go out at 9am, and are brought back indoors after dark generally between 8-9pm. If I forget and leave them out, it’s not the end of the world because it’s dark after 9pm. As long as I get them back in by morning, they stay in flower. I have been diligently following this schedule for almost 40 days… Peace – Gil

  7. skimaskready says:

    Drink water,exercise, and eat right. Your fucking 16 relax.

  8. nugporn says:

    Don’t worry… Either way, you’ll get a ton of video! I haven’t been fighting off bugs with anything, so I have been assuming they are going to invade at some point. These plants are around a bunch of other plants and trees, so wind blows in debris that I remove (fibers, plant material, etc). So far the bugs haven’t been bad. A few grasshoppers to be squished here and there is all. Hopefully this turns out alright in the end… Still plenty of time for me to mess it up though! heh… Peace – Gil

  9. nugporn says:

    That is part of my experiment. It seems like the herb might actually turn out better because I am putting them directly into sunlight. During normal flowering cycle, there is a period in the morning and evening of less light. These plants only get the dimming at evening. Seems like they would get more light, and therefore get more energy, more growth, bigger buds, etc. Also they go inside at night, which saves them from a ton of nasty critters that might otherwise get them. Peace – Gil

  10. Kammanderkool says:

    thats exactly what ive been doing with my plant haha

  11. chriser555 says:

    where’s all the side branching

  12. nugporn says:

    I did not ever top these plants. They are very indica dominant, so they are turning out very stocky. Not much branching going on… Plus I threw them into flower when they were around 6-7″ tall… Peace – Gil

  13. nugporn says:

    HBD (belated) ! Peace – Gil

  14. nugporn says:

    Glad you dug the review, and even more glad you dug the strain first hand! Always happy to hear a fellow patient is happy with medication that I’ve showcased on WeedMapsTV. Top 10 is a great idea… I’m not just typing that because I’d have to smoke all of the top 10 either! Peace – Gil

  15. herbprophet says:

    you should have done this with 1 monster plant lol, that would be sick…

  16. kennedymarijuanaseed says:

    Great job man, was this your first force flower? Did you force flower it outdoors the whole time?

  17. nugporn says:

    The band is called El Centro. It is the intro on the CD called Prohibido. Coincidentally, I played bass for El Centro and on this track. Peace – Gil

  18. nugporn says:

    Thanks! These have been under regular socal outdoor lighting since they were just seedlings… This is the first time I’ve force flowered a plant like this where I manually pulled it indoors at night. I’ve force flowered indoors before. It is a LOT more effort to do it this way… Looking forward to seeing what happens over the next few weeks! Peace – Gil

  19. superscaryeti says:

    pm me if your interested in pure water, i own a small water company on the west coast and want to supply all medical grows with award wining water,

  20. stanley1131 says:

    why not use a greenhouse and force flower by covering? nice buds for the size of plants

  21. herbprophet says:

    How are you flowering these? It’s not the right light schedule right now outdoor.

  22. ps2fan621 says:

    You need to send me some of that. lol

  23. etspacejams says:

    what’s the song?

  24. dandydaniel says:

    Does this type of outdoor growing yield just as good of a product if you were to start the grow during the correct outdoor season?

  25. TokinMystic12 says:

    youre smart dude.

  26. xxspreewellxx says:

    Hey gil. I loved your review on the abusive cut og from santa fe springs a while ago. I drove 2 hours to get it and it was FIRE. Maybe do like a top 10 strongest strains out right now or something?

  27. isaachaze420247 says:

    Better let us know how they smoke;-) Please gill. I don’t care how bad or good. Just want to see your review on you own buds.

  28. wurzl67 says:

    Grow&Live- Wurzl67 Vienna.

  29. herbprophet says:

    I see…nice Gil

  30. x4aperfecttool says:

    That’s freaking smart thanks gil!!!

  31. nugporn says:

    Not auto flowers, no… I am flowering them manually. Peace – Gil

  32. kurtsochacki3 says:

    nice healthy lookin plants good job! keep it up

  33. ChaosxApe says:

    beautiful plants man

  34. mranxfridgegrows says:

    Ahhsooomeeee aesome awesome ye,im higj chrrrs

  35. MadXMax187 says:

    Good stuff, yeah I enjoy watching plants grow as well, especially the useful kinds, I wish I had more money and time I would have huge greenhouses full of tons of different plants year around, all of them useful. Using plants to replace fertilizer is something you should also look into Gil, I am growing some veggies in my backyard as well and they are thriving in a soil mix I made all organic, water only, no fertilizer necessary. You should post another video update just before harvest.. Peace

  36. teeznutz0 says:

    Cool I might try this.

  37. nugporn says:

    I had a handful of people essentially tell me I was wasting my time with these bag seeds. That said, it has been a great experience watching these ladies grow from tiny seedlings into beautiful little flowering trees. I am lucky in the sense that it seems like the cannabis may be alright quality for smoking when the experiment is all said and done… I also have a vegetable garden that is rewarding to watch grow. Growing plants in general is pretty cool… Peace – Gil

  38. x4aperfecttool says:

    Go to attitudeseeds

  39. alchemistFer says:

    you sir, are one of my heroes ! 😀

  40. momamaco says:

    you got yourself some sweet smoking for some time 😀

  41. MadXMax187 says:

    Nice grow bro! Bag seeds are inspiring, especially when you find “legit” 1’s and you know they are just begging to be cracked, watch you are gonna get hooked on it man, smoking cannabis is not addictive, but growing it really is.. Some old farts I know still grow even tho they quit smoking years ago just because they like to see them thrive. It is a passion

  42. Alachewie says:

    haha… these plants were germinated on my birthday! awesome gil! thanx for all the work your doing for the movement!

  43. rarredondo says:

    Can you recommend a seed company/website that is know for having high quality seeds and that could deliver to Texas? I would love to give this method a shot and not resort to using the nasty Mexi dirt weed.

  44. etspacejams says:


  45. MrThekingsblend420 says:

    gotta love them lowryders.

  46. pedelpopper says:

    they look like autoflowers haha nice work

  47. onetradgicstory says:

    realy nice gil , check out some of my vids