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LSD Harvest! Day 56, LA Confidential Crossed with Sour Diesel By Grecco
March 23, 2013
Big Gay Johns daughter gets engaged..I am so happy
March 23, 2013

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  1. marryjane419 says:

    sweet always liked elements  never tried jedi kush though im sure its Bomb… Peace & Karma

  2. SeedBankReviews says:

    yes it does and more might be included because I mean I have an entire month and I get bored and when that happens I tend to buy stuff AND that might mean more fun stuff for more people.

    keep watching for new update videos

  3. meghan00851 says:

    Likin the vids. Ima new subr #327 thanx to @PNWGardenOfFunk. I dig ur thts on providing self with as much as possible due to cost of living bc YES its madness! Ill b following n checking out more vids. Peace n Blessings!

  4. SeedBankReviews says:

    it is very tasty especially when you find the right pheno in a pack.

  5. SuperFishgeek says:

    SuBbed. Thanks to pnw garden of funk for Spreading word. . . Nice prizes bro.. c’mon 420

  6. Derp Derpity says:

    Does this count as a post? Super cool stuff!

  7. SeedBankReviews says:

    i’m sure someone is working on a way to one up them but if someone does, I want to try those as well LOL. free market at its finest.

  8. SeedBankReviews says:

    sweet and don’t forget to checkout the new 420 promotion info videos.

  9. SeedBankReviews says:

    glad to have you here brother and pnw garden of funk is doing some positive karma spreading over there thats for sure.

  10. Notof Thisworld says:


  11. tmcheech says:

    420 by 420 = cool prizes!

  12. blunty562 says:

    can i spam other peoples videos to come to your channle? i recived the seeds from your last promotion and i am very gratefull the lableing itself must have been a hassle thanks a lot man

  13. SeedBankReviews says:


  14. SeedBankReviews says:


    congrats on getting the seeds safely. yes the labeling took a minute to say the least LOL.

  15. Jason Campbell says:

    Elements are still the coolest looking pack of papers I’ve never actually seen …

  16. SeedBankReviews says:

    posts from 3-20 to 4-20 will count brother,
    the aardvark

  17. SeedBankReviews says:


  18. brianj123458 says:

    Nice prizes peace