G420G Post Production Timelapse

Growing four Marijuana strains in my grow box
May 2, 2013
Rob Cartwright talks cell pics & cops; medical pot at work
May 2, 2013

G420G Post Production TimelapseI figured you guys have been following me for over a year now, time to give you guys a bit of insight on how post production goes down in the G420G studios….


  1. grow420guy says:

    Fuckin coooool!

  2. Jacob Mortimore says:

    Haha check again :p

  3. jonatiino says:

    It took me a while but I finally made it to the newest video starting from the latest lol

  4. Braden Gaines says:

    Dude, this is crazy when your “HIGHly MEDICATED” lol

  5. tonyap420 says:

    good shit bro

  6. Jacob Mortimore says:

    Shweet geez 😀

  7. Emanuel Perdue says:

    Much props from texas

  8. DAvine GRant says:

    what editing software?

  9. oneshotgrow says:

    Oh man I have been in Vegas so much lately too 🙂 It’s sad because I can tell what you’re doing to edit!

  10. Afonso Brilhante says:

    awsome man! keep it up! (1st! heheh)

  11. TheAngriestOfGnomes says:

    “BRB NEED BONG!” lmao
    Good stuff as always

  12. tink1888 says:

    well played g420g well played :)

  13. ToxicRa1n4 says:

    Check out my video.. /watch?v=ajowhphTomk&feature=youtube_gdata_player

  14. miracoli1993 says:

    That piece of paper was awesome

  15. My2ndchnl says:

    Great as always – like these small ‘in between educational videos’ you’re making. What kind of software are you using for your editing ?

  16. MrCaliforniaCannabis says:

    as always sick. check out my vids. after all you are the one who got me started

  17. JoshuaSunico says:

    are those marijuanas!!!!!!@