Few Questions about Marijuana :)?

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outdoor marijuana
Irakli L asked:

Hello Everyone 🙂
Im growing Marijuana outdoor in small wood.

1. Lots of Marijuana videos in youtube there are stones over the ground . Does it good? and why? 🙂
2. Is there any method to grow weed faster? 🙂
3. Which is the best natural fertilizer?
4. Why plant becoming male?

Sorry for my bad English 🙂
I`ll be very glad if i get answers 🙂

2 comments on “Few Questions about Marijuana :)?

  1. Devious on

    Welcome to the wonderful world of horticulture. Now for your questions.

    1. I believe what youre seeing is hydroton, which is used for hydroponic growing. Theyre not actually stones, but clay, and is used as a soil replacement.

    2. You can grow it fast, but that doesnt mean that its going to be any good. Take your time when growing and you will have a superior product. If youre growing indoor, make sure to keep your light cycle right. During veg its best to go 18/6, but when youre letting it flower, go to a 12/12 cycle.

    3. This place has arguably the best fertz in the biz.

    4. Plants become male for many reasons. The biggest reason that plants will be male, is because thats the gender of the seed. There is also the ability for the plant to hermie on you. Meaning that you may start out with a female plant, but due to a plant thats been stressed out (meaning that youve either watered too much, too little, not given it enough light, or abrupt changes in the plants life cycle).

  2. Raymond J on

    Devious is spot on in his answer but I would also like to elaborate.

    You grow marijuana to produce a good yield of buds. Growing marijuana is very similar to growing tomato plants. The major difference is that marijuana is a one shot deal and tomatoes will continue to produce till its starts to frost. There are lots of ways to get marijuana to grow fast, Its a weed….duh. But fast means very low yield, and that kinda defeats the purpose. Time and careful care and pruning will net great results.

    Stress hermmies marijuana plants into males. Two other things may also create males out of females. Having no other males in in the seedling stages (this cannot be proven, but find out how successful people are with one or two plants at getting a female). And not removing the males fast enough in the onset of the flowering stage.

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