Female and Male Zeus OG Sexing Ratio


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13 comments on “Female and Male Zeus OG Sexing Ratio

  1. R Jr on

    I have a sativa plant and “its” in a pot with bigg ass nine finger fan
    leaves it’s about 1ft tall the inner nodes have sprouted out to mini
    branches but no signs of it being female or male.Should I wait out another
    week or pull it? #cheers og’s

  2. Tristan Jones on

    I had to cull some males today brotha. The project is going smoothly man .
    Great job brotha

  3. philosophical asshole on

    g420g i need your help on something i have really stretched seedling what
    should i do

  4. andyfibb on

    i thought breeding wasnt that simple, and thats called pollen chucking ?
    just throwing male pollen on a female plant, thats not real breeding at
    least from what ive read… idk

  5. aaron nicks on

    G420G, you should keep them in the ground. I would love to see them flower
    under the condition they have been in sense the start! 

  6. YellowBlue RC on

    whats that stuff on ur lowest leafs white and yellow? i have that too and
    my leafs died

  7. slum erican on

    The one barely had any sign It coulda been a pistil and not stamen it’s
    impossible to tell that early … I’ve had some look male.than almost
    pulled them and three days later looked and they were half inch pistils

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