(ep.1) buddha tahoe og, pre-98 bubba kush s1, pow33 ——all organic outdoor grow—–

(ep.2) buddha tahoe og, pre-98 bubba kush s1, pow33 –all organic outdoor grow–
July 6, 2012
Legislation announced to legalize medicinal marijuana
July 6, 2012

(ep.1) buddha tahoe og, pre-98 bubba kush s1, pow33 ------all organic outdoor grow-----2012 medical marijuana outdoor grow. (PERSONAL USE ONLY) VEG- DAY 21 strains- cali connection- buddha tahoe og kush fem riot seeds- bubba kush s1 fem ch9 seeds- p,o,w, 33 fem nutes- earth juice organics- grow, bloom and catalyst soil- fox farms oceans organic grow bags- sunshine 3 gallon grow bags


  1. ogMRNICE says:

    naw no thanx. i wanted to grow in 3 gal grow bags to see whether i should continue to grow this way for future grows. also i didnt want to go any bigger due to the fact that i would have to flush so much water through them. say like a 15 gal pot i would have to flush 3 times its weight. so 3 x 15= 45 gallons of water i would have to run though each 15 gal pot. noooo thanx. too much water and it would take too long. just my opinion though.

  2. John Does says:

    You should put them in the ground they will get rootbound in those small pots and will decrease growth rate and production.. Go get you some 15 gallon pots. But they looking healthy

  3. Ch9Seeds says:

    superb bro….outstanding presentation once more…

  4. ogMRNICE says:


  5. ogMRNICE says:

    i def know that its a hella lot easier to grow them in the ground. where i live my backyard soil its pretty dayum good.i dont really need any nutes for that. just a few compost teas and its good to go. but for now this is just a test run.

  6. ogMRNICE says:

    well lets just say i didnt expect to have monster bushes. plus the FIMed plant which was the strain called quicker, man… it performed like a champ and trully i was very satisfied with all my plants. even though most of the yield went to mold from the rain. but its all good. thanx alot for the idea with the hog wire i wasnt to sure on what type of wire it was called..

  7. ogMRNICE says:

    thanx alot pete. i felt like i started way to late this year but oh well.. for now this is just a test run. dayum they look a little to rugged right now, i went on vacation and my sister only water them once within a 2 week period. at least they survived. i watered them today and they look a little bit better. im loving the plant structure so far with its big fan leaves.

  8. TrifeLife510 says:

    if you can put those babies in the ground they will love you .
    anyways everything is looking healthy .

  9. ogMRNICE says:

    haha nice….

  10. UndercoverFarmer559 says:

    Also I saw last year you didn’t have good support around the base of some of your plants and your yield suffered. You should have gotten at least 3 pounds off each but you live and learn. Maybe this year you can run down to Lowes or HD and get some Hog Wire and put that around the base of your plants. Easier than having to keep tying them up. That’s a PITA.

  11. ogMRNICE says:

    ill upload the 2nd part tomarrow. had an issue with uploading.

  12. lumbreras says:

    Nice plants. I say put them in a bigger pot. Nice top I like to bend my plants as well. Gives them nice thick stems.

  13. socalhippie420 says:

    lookin good man!.

  14. ogMRNICE says:

    no thanx there staying in the 3 gal grow bags all they way till harvest.

  15. greenapple419 says:

    Looking good bro….Still plenty of time to pump some yield out of them ladie’s….peace

  16. semajb25 says:

    i feel you on the indica, i had some volcano hash plant and i feel in love.

  17. OrganicBros says:

    Slug attack! Only “ah lil” you should be good. Haha great grow and big ups on takeing an organic step. Look into compost teas, but I’d first go with your Earth juice as you planed. Just my suggestion, don’t let anyone misguide you, do your own thing. Great grow and I’ll stay updated.

  18. UndercoverFarmer559 says:

    unless you are going to transplant into larger grow bags you would have been better off drilling holes and throwin them in those 5 gal buckets they are standing on. Mine are in 3gal, 5gal, and 7gal buckets. I would do 20 gallon buck I gotta keep the plants size down do to a County Ordinance.

  19. DrGrowShow says:

    Worked with CH9 before great company Humbolt-Strain was Awesome but would hermi at end ran 6 seeds every female Hermi. Watch For banana then flowers on lower Nugs. On my grow could have been those lower branches not getting light but i believe that was not the case. If they are feminized be careful.