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September 30, 2010
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September 30, 2010
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toby i asked:

Prohibition does not prevent cannabis use by children or the mentally ill, the vulnerable populations whom we supposedly want to protect. Instead, cannabis prohibition makes it more difficult for parents, patients, society, doctors and law enforcement to control cannabis use.

The Drug War makes honest education about cannabis impossible, and leaves cannabis users marginalized in ways that make their lives more stressful.
This stress is unhealthy for everyone, but it is certainly most damaging to people with schizophrenia.

Cannabis prohibition is not merely a failure; it is a counterproductive fraud that is harming those whom we claim we want to protect.
There are currently more teens in treatment centers for marijuana in comparison to those admitted for alcohol.
Only an idiot would have to ask why alcohol is not the no#1 problem
after all alcohol is perfectly legal ( If you are 21.)
That is due to responsible people handling alcohol by way of the carding and id system.

Contraband markets make no age disgression.
Since the crackdown on tobacco there are 75% fewer teens trying or using tobacco.
However when it comes to cannabis and other illicit substances it’s a whole
other ball game.
Control, regulation and better education work prohibition, dose not.
Or as John Walters of the ondcp (Office for national drug control policy) calls it “ a war on drugs” (Sorry John but it’s true look at the Netherlands)

America loves a war even if it is on it’s own people.

One of several reason they don’t legalize drugs is not because of the harm of drugs,
But people would lose more money in the long run.
Some of the people behind the support of this irrational so called war are
The tobacco industry,
the alcohol and distilled spirit industry ( people simply don’t drink as much, or decide not to drink at all with cannabis meaning a decline in there sales.
The pharmaceutical corporations can not make money on whole or raw cannabis, but they can charge an arm and a leg for there synthetic Marinol (dronabinol) CIII.

The textile and paper industry would lose out from hemp production, sinse hemp dose not need to go through all the various processes that ordinary tree products would. Also it’s possible to get two harvest in one season.

However people don’t know the difference between industrial hemp and smokeable cannabis, yet they are able to distinguish between the two in other country’s like Germany, the UK , Netherlands and even Canada, but our `DEA agents are so dumb they cant tell the difference between a stalk and a bush.
Also people who have any knowledge of growing high quality cannabis will tell you that male plants should never be grown next to your high grade female plants,
(unless of course you want to pollinate for future seed production).
When it comes to farming hemp the males are left in tact to pollinate the females and produce as much seed as possible.

This would mean a seedy mess for the pot smoker to clean up and produce undesirable future generations of smokeable cannabis.

If anything, Hemp farming would be anti marijuana and would harm any outdoor pot farming within a one mile radius of any hemp farm.

The petroleum industry would also be affected, sinse almost everything that can be made from petroleum can be synthesized from hemp oil, everything from bio fuel to even plastics. If North America would use a third of it’s land for hemp production we could create enough bio fuel to supply an area the size of Canada.

Now also for a moment consider how many people are incarcerated over just cannabis who are currently in the prisons and jails.
If cannabis were legalized and all inmates serving time for cannabis were freed there would be an over abundance of empty cells, and millions of guards in this country would be no longer needed.
The prison building industry would almost be obsolete ( and if all drugs were legalized that would mean even more empty cells).

So the prison system must have some means of gaining more inmates.
Not to mention other areas such as treatment centers, probation.etc
or HIDTA high intensity drug traffic areas where money is fed in to law enforcement,
(they would miss there green $$$)

Drugs , not even alcohol are the cause of the fundamental ills of society, rather than checking people for the presence of drugs, they should first test people for stupidity, ignorance, greed and love of power.

Also check out Law Enforcement Against Prohibition at



  1. waycar111 says:

    what the hell is this? the script from the movie “traffic?”

  2. Ringo G. says:

    rehabilitation, and treatment are proven to be the most cost effective ways of dealing with the drug taking epidemic.

  3. billnzan says:

    good question, man. like pass the bong, dude

  4. puckheaded says:

    I didn’t read your entire thing. Just too long in this now society. I agree with the premise. The drug war has never worked. True education about drugs is what is needed. The billions in taxable revenue would be a nice addition. When I was in high school it was easier to get drugs than alcohol. Something is wrong there. Use the money from the war on drugs for education and intelligence.

  5. ohyeah y says:

    prohibition works very well in my country. you sell drugs, its automatic death penalty. you be surprised how few people are willing to risk death to peddle narcotics. nobody wants to sell the stuff. in the last few years most death penalty convictions for narcotics have been for tourists, proving our population is beginning to learn. i do not see drug addicts on my streets, or have the need to lock my car door or house door. for that I thank my government.

  6. meathead says:

    Nice speech. One problem, what about the human mind being altered to think rationally. what about our future generations having their mind altered to the point of being led instead of thinking for itself ? why would you want to legalize something else that is known to destroy minds? As far as the use of hemp for manufacturing . If any of what you said is true , then other plants would have the same results.

  7. biggestperlnerd says:

    I’d have to say about 95% of the junk you wrote/copy and pasted above is an absolute FARK. There are reasons marijuana is illegal, and don’t pull that “the government can’t tax it” crap on me.

    It’s a drug. It’s a gateway drug. It’s a drug that impairs your motor skills, your ability to think, your ability to ration and it makes your eyes look disgusting.

    It’ll always be illegal in the U.S., even it states where it’s now NOT illegal to carry a certain amount- guess what? Cops CAN bring you to jail and still fine you for having any on you. That’s how that drug law works. If the cop doesn’t care, they can let you go with a warning. If they’re in a bad mood, you’re sure as heck going to jail.

    Rightfully so.

  8. Working Stiff says:

    I see you gave this a bit of thought, but still as valid as some of your opinions are you still miss the bigger picture. I will add that don’t give up hope. The Government has finally figured out a way to tax the sell of cannabis with the medical marijuana angle.

  9. nile says:

    if half the people who are in priz were out we would have to throw out the eleegls so as to hav enuff jobs man sounds good to me

  10. christopherc says:

    Keep dreaming, we are in the times of banning. Ban smoking, ban trans fat, banning words, banning this and that. All for your own good of course! So this agenda is doomed from the start and you are better off hiding in your pot patch and play with your pink elephants.

  11. MajorTom says:

    People, people, marijuana is no more mind altering than the beer or mixed drink you consume legally or the cigarettes you smoke. And it has less long term health problems than alcohol or cigarette’s.

    The only reason it is a gateway drug is because it has been lumped together with all the other narcotics. So people assume it is all the same and “why not try something stronger now”. If it was separated from them you wouldn’t see that happening. People don’t try LSD or cocaine because they drank a beer or smoked a cigarette, and alcohol and nicotine are drugs just like all the rest. The gateway drug talk is political drivel scare tactics.

  12. GringoLingo says:

    Yes, legalize and regulate pot, just like alcohol.
    People do not realize that the THC content in pot can be controlled through genetic manipulation. Just as alcohol content can be controlled, so can THC content.
    Why is pot illegal in the 21st century? because during the great depression, Mexican migrant workers were taking jobs in the agriculture industry in the west and south west USA. The government didn’t want to just kick them out (that would look bad), so they made pot illegal, knowing that many, many Mexican migrants smoked pot. Thusly, any Mexican caught smoking pot was deemed a criminal, and incarcerated or deported. Poor mexicans really get picked on don’t they?

  13. tony a says:

    We should decriminalize it , require all users wear a a white U for user on thier forehead and give no assistence to them and no jobs that involve the safety and security of others, no machinery operation, no sensative decision making jobs, and when they od leave them in the streets like road kill.

  14. old-bald-one says:

    Is it not odd that the kids smoking it in the 60’s and 70’s are now the ones telling you not to. why? There is not a politician today that hasn’t tried it yet here we are with it still illegal. Legalize, regulate, tax, Safer, cheaper, in the long run.