Day 130 update OMMP Outdoor Grow….FTG….9/26/13


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Day 130 update OMMP Outdoor Grow....FTG....9/26/13Documenting an Outdoor OMMP grow, mixed with ranting about the BULLSHIT we Smile and Accept…. PLEASE comment….FTG….

17 comments on “Day 130 update OMMP Outdoor Grow….FTG….9/26/13

  1. Rich G. on

    Hey james keep up the good work!!! So you should be reducing watering by at
    least half after the 6th wk of flower to help them mature and also to avoid
    too much moisture being soaked up…they will keep drinking the amount you
    give em but the fatter buds will not fully mature on the inside…Fuck the


    Sorry to hear about you have problems James. When was the last time you
    feed your plants? You will want them fully flushed. Dont 4get that rain and
    weather will turn the hairs brown. I hope you wait a few more days at min
    seems they need it but i understand your hurry.. We will have a few days of
    good sun

  3. Warren Nichter on

    That’s about how much bud rot I had at that same amount of time and I crop
    everything except of the five sativas

  4. Biobud29 on

    Remove as many leaves as possible with PM. Spray with h2o2/h20 mixture or
    serenade or another PM remedy. That would be better than harvesting too

  5. Jack Herer on

    Hello James. Been following your grow. Great Job!. Can you pls give some
    info about the strain you called Queen? If seeds, where did you get them?

  6. JamesFranklinOMMP on

    Don’t harvest just spray using Hydrogen peroxide….3% solution(the kind
    from the Pharmacy) use 8oz per gallon of water…. spray heavy in the
    evenings about once a week….can use this up to day before harvest….

  7. Randesten on

    Nice plants, the thing with the lottery money is just the old people in
    power robbing the middle and lower class people blind thing, and by helping
    bail out big banks and corporations they can then keep robbing us:)

  8. Mistah Mike on

    Got a question for you james. I recently found powdery mildew on fan leaves
    on my outdoor patch, they are in the middle of there 6th week flower and
    are a 8,9, week strain. Was just wondering what your opinion would be on
    harvesting early or let them keep going? Any advice would be appreciated.

  9. dogma478 on

    You can’t just say F tha government. Becuzz they hide behind you and me.
    It’s like saying F yourself. Atleast you’re not saying F Obama like he’s
    tha only one to blame for anything. And u might wanna put some fans out
    there for that sweet morning dew.

  10. JamesFranklinOMMP on

    Luckily i was just about to feed them again and i had already been soaking
    them so it should be good…

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