Crumb Cakes and Good Vibes Giveaway

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February 28, 2015
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February 28, 2015

Soundrone Reviews Sara Lee Crumb Cakes and tells about the #GoodVibes Give Away….. Soundrone’s Premium Organic Hemp Wick Bee Lasso is now on AMAZON or at …


  1. Trent Williamson says:

    You know the meal deals at Taco Bell that come with the Doritos? Well I
    don’t usually eat them, I save them. And then I end up eating like 6 bags
    in one sitting when I have the munchies lol. 

  2. SatinMan says:

    Sound you need to do a review on the Sara Lee cheesecake bites made with
    Philly cream cheese they sell in the refrigerated section!
    Holy shizz they are the ultimate stoner snack!

  3. Brian Nguyen says:

    Hope everyone is doing well #goodvibes

  4. Austin Olmstead says:

    Cheers pioneers 

  5. Sound Experiments says:
  6. Austin Olmstead says:

    Cheers queers

  7. Lambo says:

    My stoney snack are these peanut butter granola bars. Dont know the brand
    but the are amazing.

  8. zach gillenwater says:

    Aye sound you review hot Cheetos,not the original but the xxtra hot.

  9. duane doak says:

    Cheers, bong hitters . (hit ears)lol

  10. Dynamic says:

    stoners live and stoners die, at the end we all get high ! #goodvibes
    nice vid man ! keep them up and keep on going to stoner paradise. .

  11. OregonGrown420 says:

    steer’s! like cows 🙂 to all the deer’s! to drinkin beer’s! to walkin on
    peer’s! to all my peer’s! to anyone with ear’s! to havin no
    fear’s!…………..i could go for year’s! 

  12. Skateing Arsonist says:

    Nice Glass Sound ! 420BlazeIt

  13. Aaron Williams says:

    sara lee just stomping all over hostess haha

  14. Brandon Payne says:

    I always tell my wife cheers big rear


    They’re super, good.