*CLOSED* ~ 4/20 Good Vibes Giveaway! :D

Stoner Snack Reviews: Labrons Limited Edition Sprite
April 19, 2015
Ôśů Double DAB Strike Out! Ôśů
April 19, 2015

CLOSED* ~ 4/20 Good Vibes Giveaway! ­čśÇ Enter to Win One Of 3 Prize Boxes full of stoner gear & a Bong for 4/20! Rules: Contest is open to US Stoners 18 years & older only. 1) You Must Be…


  1. Alex Parr says:

    Just happened to see this video on Freddy’s feed and you are so cool! What
    an awesome first video to come in on! Peace to you and the #GoodVibe you
    give off´╗┐

  2. Vianna Montes says:

    #Goodvibes #stonernation Nothing like good herbal remedies :p´╗┐

  3. Shabazz Patterson says:

    One of the coolest people in the universe. Video are awesome. #GoodVibes´╗┐

  4. Gabriel Sandoval says:

    Staying High, Happy, and Healthy (: #goodvibes´╗┐

  5. Blaik Stanley says:

    Jane you are the Jane to my Mary #goodvibes´╗┐

  6. Richard Rodriguez says:

    Staying High Happy And Healthy #GoodVibes´╗┐

  7. Weed Geeks 420 says:

    Jane, you are awesome ­čÖé #goodvibe #StonerNation I’m so high I was
    clapping with your applause sound effects ­čśÇ -CannaKat #goodvibes (your
    instructions say goodvibe, but below everyone is doing “goodvibes” so I did
    both :P)´╗┐

  8. Misanthrope A says:

    Happy 4/20 everyone!! #goodvibes´╗┐

  9. Bella Luna says:

    I had to watch again because I love your backyard, so many interesting
    places to explore, and all the rocks and stuff to play with! I know you are
    very happy there! #goodvibes´╗┐

  10. Fatima Duenez says:

    #goodvibes have a good day. H
    Everyone is beautiful!´╗┐

  11. Lauren Nauman says:

    #goodvibes you always make me laugh Jane. (:´╗┐

  12. StonerKitten says:

    I had a great day I hope you did too Jane! #goodvibes´╗┐

  13. D-Domo says:

    I just want to say keep up the good work because we need someone out there
    positive and to educate people like you do so keep it up #goodvibes´╗┐

  14. Ask Melater says:

    #goofvibes Jane :)´╗┐

  15. DeathRow760 says:

    I’m feeling irie all the way from kushfornia cheers. #goodvibes´╗┐

  16. KungFuVagina says:

    It’s a beautiful Friday this 420 weekend! Sending you and #stonernation
    love, light and #goodvibes from Texas! Wishing I could be at the HTCC but
    I’ll see you next year Colorado!! ´╗┐

  17. UnperfectNproud 024 says:

    That is one well trained dog to be working the camera for you haha those
    ears popped into the frame outta nowhere! ­čśŤ #Goodvibes to you, the dog and
    Stonernation! Cheers and happy early 420 everyone´╗┐

  18. Stephen Brown says:

    Dropping in to say hey #StonerNation #GoodVibes´╗┐

  19. Macey McCullough says:

    I love your channel Jane! Sending #Goodvibes from Illinois.c:´╗┐

  20. Cajun Tinker Belle says:

    #goodvibes You know I love you chick… SMOOCHES´╗┐

  21. jro110483 says:

    #GOODVIBES to you girl! Just started watching and think you are great!
    Can’t wait for more!!!´╗┐

  22. Joseph Hoffman says:

    awesome videos! ­čÖé #goodvibes´╗┐

  23. molly koltuniak says:

    #goodvibes! Love you and your channel so excited you followed me back on
    instagram much stoner love coming from this ct chick too you! ´╗┐

  24. iAunic says:

    Countdown to 4/20: 6 days! i’m so not prepared, maybe not such a #Goodvibe
    …? oh well, #Goodvibes´╗┐

  25. Drew Grow says:

    I only wish 420 was on a weekend day. Maybe the President can change it to
    Saturday. Like how Easter is always on Sunday lol´╗┐

  26. Taralya McDonough says:

    Hey Jane, have you seen the Rosin tech?
    Check it out when you have a minute on Utube
    I think it’s a great thing for people like me that cannot get ahold of
    extracts. # goodvibesforstonernation´╗┐

  27. tru bushdr says:

    Almost there! Sending some #goodvibes ur way today +Jane Dro #stonernation ´╗┐

  28. DreadHeadNorris032 says:

    Hey JaneDro i’ve been hooked every since isaw your stem tea & since then
    i’ve watched your old videos along with the latest & newest videos. So
    thanks & congrats to youu your YouTube channel is very successful , so keep
    it up. You & your videos give me #GoodVibes #SmokeOn #Blesses ´╗┐

  29. Blake McGowan says:

    been a sub for a couple months now i hope you and all of stoner nation have

  30. shyann Marie says:

    Getting this box would be amazing. I love your videos. And we’re only a
    state away from each other! #Goodvibes #lifesaver´╗┐

  31. Brittney Espinosa says:

    You have become my favorite person to watch on YouTube and smoke with. I
    love all your videos and you’re a great person. #GoodVibes for all stoners
    and all of #StonerNation´╗┐

  32. kali lhommedieu says:

    Love your channel and I love getting super stoned in my backyard too:)

  33. greg szyszka says:

    #goodvibes i finally made my own name, i was using my stepsons name
    “bryant ellsworth”, maby soon i will post some vids. good luck everyone.´╗┐

  34. Bryan Rivas says:

    Pick me plz I would love to win something I love youre videos best person
    to smoke with #goodvibes´╗┐

  35. Meagan Ward says:

    I love how much you do for your subscribers jane! #goodvibes´╗┐

  36. Bryan Jones says:

    I fucking love you! #goodvibes´╗┐

  37. Bryan Slekovich says:

    #goodvibes every time I watch your show, Jane!´╗┐

  38. Ryan Reyna says:


  39. Lionel Brown says:

    I want you to be my date to prom #goodvibes´╗┐

  40. Amber M says:

    #Goodvibes so far loving what I see with the new house. And I love the
    openness of your backyard. You’ll have to show us where you’re planning
    your outdoor grow´╗┐

  41. Jessica Cornell says:

    #goodvibes #stonernation Jane dro you are amazing I watch you all the
    time.. You remind me so much of myself I swear we are sisters… Much love
    and hope you have an amazing 420! ´╗┐

  42. Shindou says:

    Wishing #goodvibes to all in the #StonerNation´╗┐

  43. MASTER GROWER " P " says:

    Would love to win a #420goodvibes giverway prize pack , And winning that
    multi rig from you would be a big bonous keepsake AWESOMENESS ALL THE WAY´╗┐

  44. Chase Lacy says:

    #goodvibes #stonernation if someone wins from another country. Just mail it
    to me and I will mail it to them. I wouldn’t mind at all! Stay positive
    happy and humble. Peace be with you!´╗┐

  45. Libby Fochler says:

    Peace, love and #goodvibes´╗┐

  46. Annaka Dulaney says:

    #goodvibes from a Happy family from Bama! Hope to hear more from you soon!

  47. Kimmy Tan says:

    Jane you are the Jane to my Mary #goodvibes´╗┐

  48. The HAF Hour Show says:

    Peace #stonernation !! Wishing you all the best and that you may receive
    any and every blessing that comes your way! Love each other from a
    respectful ground!! Jane, you are an inspiration of sorts for our host
    @bjornmajestik. Our show is debuting on 4/20 and it was because of cool
    channels such yours, that we felt we could make a home here as well. Among
    those who are truly for cannabis culture and community. So with much
    respect, Thank You Jane! Wishing you and every one of your subscribers, an
    infinite #GoodVibe!! *takes a rip with pride*´╗┐

  49. big nugs says:

    #GoodVibes #StonerNation i live in U.K ill pay p+p if i can be entered
    please. Love you everyone one love peace stay well please be safe. Grow
    your own #Organic peace tubers and jane. Rig shall be ere soon btw i think
    they sent it now. Wil be my first dab and my first upload before i start my
    new grow channel and my first dab will be bcz of you so again thankyou good
    luck everyone.