carport greenhouse update 2012

Episode Four “Science of Pharmacopeia”
March 30, 2012
Episode Three “Toronto Shout-Out”
March 30, 2012

carport greenhouse update 2012KONY Afghan Bhang Black Bobby Brown Broccoli Buddha Grass Dope Draw Dro Dry High Dubby Ganja Gangster Giggleweed Hemp Herb Indoor Jane Jive Joint Kabizzle Kryptonite Kiff Kush Loco Weed Marijuana Medical Mary Mexican Green Nug Nutes Nutrients Grow Otis Panama Red Pot Puff Reefer Resin Roach Sativa Smoke Spliff Thai Sticks Botanicare indica smartpots oil hash butter watts Oregon OMMP California 420bong gardening rip smokin stoner fox farm roots excelurator outdoor License: Compost Tea


  1. SuperDoctorgreen says:

    Yes Sir… Thank You. they are all new crosses… will see if they make the grade or not. if not they will never be grown again. but im sure they will all be good. crossing my fingers… haha.

  2. SuperDoctorgreen says:

    that’s the benefit from using compost teas brother…. good shit man.

  3. igorealhard1 says:

    ladys standing tall

  4. whyUspeakin says:

    lookin great….serious growth from last vid!

  5. atz123ify says:

    you gonna need a bigger greenhouse! what you doing for canopy control? any topping or training? cages, scrog, trelis? what size you gonna transplant into for the final container? you run soil, or soiless mix?