Can a few minutes of outdoor second hand marijuana smoke affect your drug test?

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September 3, 2010
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i was outside and was near some marijuana smoke for a few minutes and i’m paranoid that it would affect a drug test i had to take for work. Also, what seemingly harmless items could give you a false positive on a urine analysis?


  1. Danii says:

    I don’t think that a few minutes of being outside near marijuana smoke is going to affect your drug test. Especially if you are outdoors, it is likely you barely inhaled anything substantial to stay in your blood more than a day. In order to definitely pass, you can get a friend who doesn’t do drugs to pee in a condom and tape it to your leg when you have to take the drug test… unless the test is random then I have nothing for ya.

  2. J says:

    im not sure if itll affect u but i know that poppey seeds are a big no no theyll make it look like u had heroine

  3. Tay :) says:

    Allot of stuff could give you a false positive- most prescription pain medications,diet pills, Ibuprofen, asthma medications ,nasal sprays. It is a long list.

  4. Eris says:

    No. The army did a study that showed that it took two days or indoor smoke inhalation at five hours a day to test positive. So no worries