California Outdoor Medical Marijuana Grow 2011 4/10/11

Marijuana: Growing outdoor 1 week
May 19, 2011
High Comedy 2
May 19, 2011

California Outdoor Medical Marijuana Grow 2011 4/10/11here it is. the outdoor season is takin off. if you like something or dont like something let me know. all feedback is much appreciated. thanks for watching.


  1. tronix1001 says:

    plz give them water.

  2. jophuss420 says:

    I don’t care if you don’t know what there called I thnk they look healthy as fuck

  3. falconn1892 says:

    take a break and chill man you need it

  4. azherbboy says:

    don’t you think you put them in the ground a little early? I had some plants outside last year too early and they all went into bud and they were only as tall as yours..did you have any start to bud on you?

  5. sdsteves says:

    your gonna have a great year, great start man.

  6. mrgordylks says:

    you must have been high when you planted them ,,lol .,..tag that shit next time or guess, make some names up for them i do,,,i subed,,peace

  7. smoke1ewk says:


    break from what. lol i am chillin =D

  8. vap0xD says:

    nice shit keep going

  9. ShunLifeify says:

    you really dont know what the fuck? what the hell would you post this all for?

  10. jkoibita420 says:

    ayy come check out my plants all true pot heads (CLOSET GROW marijuana cfl’s comment)

    got 2 videos so far tip need first time grower thank

  11. MyGreenPlantBuddie says:

    Man Im jeleous, You got like a HUGE spot to grow your own weed, In my country I just cant do that, Someone can break into my growing spot and steal my plant
    Btw, Please check my channel and help me with my last video !

  12. tokin28532 says:

    my plant will be 3 weeks this friday.
    when should it go into bud?

  13. alxtourv says:

    you sound like coppercab.

  14. budbitch420 says:

    look great, started mine 4/14.