Build A bong on a Budget …….Refurbishing a Bong #24


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Build A bong on a Budget .......Refurbishing a Bong #24Soundrone’s Premium Organic Hemp Wick Bee Lasso is now on AMAZON or at For Parts 420 Armory Soundrone Army Marijuana Forum Site

50 comments on “Build A bong on a Budget …….Refurbishing a Bong #24

  1. Matthew Rubalcava on

    The Sound Show!!! I remember the POM bong you made. Made one myself after
    watching! ” POM! POM! ” 

  2. Jeff Johns on

    Hey buddy have u ever considered doing some beef jerky reviews. I kinda
    thought it would flow with ya being that you are on a ranch now haha. Well
    keep it in mind and PTFO buddy.

  3. Niko Bellic on

    Do you have any good ways to fix broken bongs? I got a really nice one from
    my brother as a gift and a few weeks later it broke in half i have it
    tapped together and it seems to ge on but i want it to look like new (no
    tape showing or glue residue)

  4. SLIC RS ROBY on

    umm quick question when I used the salt and alcohol method on my acrylic
    bong the ress got cleaned off but the was a weird white residue on the
    sides do you know why this happened ? 

  5. SatinMan on

    You just F’n rock Sound!
    Always making me laugh!
    Best stoner vids on YT hands down, no question, period!

  6. eunurnvu rgnrun on

    I have a really cool build that I would like you to do a video please. ok
    so you take a can opener (swiss army knife type) and you cut the top out of
    an aluminum can so that its a lot like a cup. take a hole punch figure were
    you want your down stem and make a hole then apply the tubing that fits
    your size hole. then you repeat the process and but for the second time you
    cut the bottom off the next can as well and even ut all the burs. fit the
    can over the lip of the second can only after you have applied a ring of
    hot glue to the sleeve( bottomless can) and just keep stacking them. 

  7. Max Break on

    love the build vids, really like your editing style on these, i spotted a
    massive 4000ml science beaker in a second-hand shop near me not long ago,
    checked it out thinking ultimate conversion, but it was really thin glass,
    probz 2ml and no thick base.. think it must have been a old display piece
    for a chemist window or something…i was gutted.

  8. Wiz Khalifa on

    & you should do an around the house build with things you find around the
    house :p think that would be a creative video (:

  9. Wiz Khalifa on

    hey sound I tried messaging you but idk if you got it, I’m not used to the
    new youtube layout but I was just wondering if you can make a video on how
    to make a pipe I think that would be cool. I seen other videos but they’re
    all shit. THANKS SOUND! you’re the best! keep up with the amazing videos!

  10. DaveToTheMaxx on

    That was so much help! I recently got an old bong off my friend and it was
    so dirty and wasn’t touched for a year. i just couldn’t get it clean. NEVER

  11. mitchell moore on

    Great slow mo man love watching ur videos would love to smoke with ya ur
    awsome but I still would love to see u make a percolater and eva sinced I
    watched you ive never stopped building bongs ……. peace out 

  12. theClosetgrower420 on

    Hey sound! I think MULTI-BALM would work great for pushing your downstem
    into the grommet …

  13. Magik Tooth on

    Dude you are a hero. Just one question though. What editing software do you
    use. Thanks for all the great vids man

  14. Alfredo Ocampo on

    I have a question i have a broken down stem its just crack at the bottom
    how can i fix it so i can use it 

  15. tomato48 on

    Awesome video! I might try that shaving cream thing on my hand-me down bong
    it’s my favorite and least expensive piece has a lot of sentimental value
    but has built up a coating over its active 10 year serving haha cheers! 

  16. IronLungs Mcgee on

    Love the vid! never seen the shaving cream trick. I find using epson salt
    instead of the fine salts. Keep them coming Boss. :o)

  17. kusher on

    can you not buy 91% rubbing alcohol
    when i use it i can watch the resin melt of the side of the glass

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