big outdoor marijuana plants MIST

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big outdoor marijuana plants MIST weed plant Mist

7 comments on “big outdoor marijuana plants MIST

  1. 1rs11ch4d11rs1 on

    @SAMMCCONNELL so i could grow beatiful plants lol, i have a 2-3ft plant been thru alot of stress, its not stretched looking either and cant keep it outside anymore, first plant ever, pure water, pure light nothing else, just it didint bud and i its not going to because its in my room now.. so i wish i had a hps to finiish it.

  2. washedmothafuka on

    Your Mist’s look great, but I have never heard of the strain…except from you. You have any idea where it came from?
    Because I know I won’t find Strawberry Cream and Mist seeds or clones. So…you ever take a few clippings and trade them with other growers? 😉


    @1rs11ch4d11rs1 um…not sure what having an HPS light would have to do with this video…but ok

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