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February 20, 2015
LIVE! MissBongs, RadBoy, Sean8033, SmokedOutTut! THANK YOU VIDEO!
February 20, 2015

Sorry i just had to share !!! not ment to offend Soundrone’s Premium Organic Hemp Wick Bee Lasso is now on AMAZON or at Boro Warehouse Discount Glass Gallery …


  1. Cris Hoff says:

    well stupid dumb bitch shouldn’t of been on stage , that’s not her place…

  2. CustomGrow420 says:

    Lmao, dammit sound! 

  3. Hank says:

    She was in Afromans bubble….you don’t get in Afromans bubble.

  4. Fred for20 says:

    haha im wrong for thanking this is funny

  5. CM Connolly says:

    LOL, momma said knock you out!

  6. deathpresent101 says:

    you don’t go up to a dude and rub your butt against him. he’s jamming…

  7. nathaniel cohen says:

    how sad………and troubling…..why was this worthy of your youtube
    channel…..hopefully someone will chill mr afroman….

  8. glfreak1987 says:

    to be honest I don’t know why he hit her but he probably had a good reason

  9. Cosmic Trigger says:

    this fat piece of shit cancels shows because he feels like he isn’t being
    paid enough(even after he’s already agreed to the amount of pay), and now
    he’s slapping women. Fuck this one-hit wonder assclown.

  10. st0ner_mtl says:

    thats brutal i lost all respect for this fat piece of shit

  11. Daniel Montes says:

    Befor everyone talks shit on him go watch the 30 sec vid HER BF TOLD HER to
    get closer!!!! Thts why he didn’t even get mad at afroman for decking her
    is ur ganna act like a jackass ur ganna get treated like a Jackass
    #equalrights if it was a guy u all would be laughing 

  12. COD4GEEK1 says:

    lol he wasnt high enough not to punch her, then you realize that was his
    actual excuse…

  13. WHATSTHETIME11 says:

    What a pos! All my afroman music is deleted!

  14. taetheking13 says:

    lol hey he’s a married man

  15. Ian Tokin says:

    Let people get ass hurt cause he knocked a that out. Bitch got what she
    deserved. I have no sympathy for that thot. And she was told numerous time
    to get of stage. Ending result she got knock the fuck out.
    Funny edit sound love it 😀 

  16. Sound Experiments says:
  17. xXxAnn1h1l4t0rxXx says:

    slap power over 9000!!!

  18. Niall Lyn-McKee says:

    I hate that he went for a full on punch, but I have no sympathy for people
    who get up on stage and start rubbing against performers. Like come on, she
    snuck through the back too, with all their patch cords and power. You don’t
    belong on the freaking stage, you’re in the way, it makes everybody’s job
    harder for the band, for the headliner, for the stage crew, for the sound
    crew. Like don’t fuck with their shit, they deal with idiots like you every
    night, they just wanna go the fuck home with their paycheque. I would have
    been just fine with a solid push to the ground. If we wanna get technical
    that was physical assault on her part too, are you kidding me, you’re so
    entitled that you think you can just go grind any performer whenever you
    feel like it? If you wanna be in the show get behind the keys and start
    comping bitch.